Thursday, August 05, 2010

#1264 Jinx, RIP Google Wave, Oomph Coffee, Auckland Super City Elections

Show 1264 Thursday 5 August
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re studying a video called Jinx.

A jinx is a person or thing that brings bad luck, and it’s also a kind of game.
But I never knew that people played it like they do in this video.

A jinx happens when two people unintentionally say the same word or phrase at the same time.
When this happens in New Zealand, well from my experience anyway, people might look at each other, surprised, and say, “Jinx!” … and then just move on. Nothing happens.

But in other parts of the world, something happens, for example, the first person who says jinx can punch the other person. Or the loser has to buy the winner a drink.

Apparently in Japan you can hit the other person in the head. How about where you’re from?

Anyway, in this video, the person who doesn’t say jinx fast enough, the loser, can’t speak until the winner releases them from the jinx by saying their full name.

But the girl can’t remember the guy’s middle name and so she tries to find out and she has some difficulty in finding out his middle name.


Kia ora in Stick News today Google Wave is dead.

In May 2009 Google announced it had made a new internet communications platform called Google Wave.
A year later it was released to the general public.
Some people said the wave could be a "Twitter killer”.
But, three months after its general release, the wave has crashed.

And that was Stick News for Thursday 5th August.
Kia ora.

1264 a
Goddamn Twitter this, Twitter that...
We have to out-Twitter them with some fancy algorithms...

1264 b
Ugh... What is this crap? Go away.

1264 c

1264 d
Let's go swimming!
Hang on, I'll just finish this Tweet...

Word of the Day

Today’s word is oomph.

noun (informal) energy, a special quality

For example: a styling product to give your hair more oomph.

I saw this word on a packet of coffee beans.

These beans are roasted by a company called Hummingbird Coffee and they call this particular roast or blend: OOMPH!

question time

For question time today, we talked to people in Pukekohe which is a small town south of Auckland. It’s part of the Frankin District, and in November it’ll become part of the super city when the regions (I meant to say cities) and districts of Auckland all join together.

So in October there’ll be elections for this super city and we asked people in Pukekohe if they were planning to vote and if so, had they decided who they would like for mayor.

Well I will vote, but I don’t know who for. No, I haven’t really looked at the candidates, because I don’t really take much interest in it.


Yeah, definitely. I’ll definitely be voting. No, I haven’t as yet. I want to give it more serious thought.

Yes. No I haven’t. I still need to do a little bit more homework yet.

Yeah … I have no idea.

Yes, I am. Yip. There’s a few candidates so I haven’t really studied it yet, but … still making a decision.

I am. I know who I’m not voting for, I will think about it on the day. I’m really not happy with any of the candidates, to tell you the truth.

conversations with sarah
#808 Are you going to vote?

Step 1: Repeat Winston’s lines.
Step 2: Read Winston’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Winston Are you going to vote?

Sarah Yeah, definitely.

Winston Who for?

Sarah I was thinking I might vote for the guy who is currently the mayor of Manukau City.

Winston Why?

Sarah Because I live in South Auckland … and he’s currently the mayor of Manukau … so maybe he’ll care more about South Auckland than the other candidates.

Winston That’s so selfish!

Sarah Yeah, it is.



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