Friday, July 20, 2007

Show 443 Friday 20 July

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

As you may know, you can watch The Daily English Show on several sites.
The first site that I started uploading to was and then about a week after The Daily English Show started I found YouTube and then started uploading to there as well. And then after that some Japanese sites.

Anyway, since the beginning I’ve continued to upload to both Grouper and YouTube even though the quality of the videos on Grouper isn’t that good.

And then the other day I went to upload to Grouper and I noticed the site was down for maintenance. And I think it was down for a couple of days or for a while anyway … because I kept checking back and it was still down.

And then one time I checked back and ... it’s changed completely. I was shocked. Grouper is no longer grouper – it’s now called Crackle.

But it’s quite cool – the new design is nice, I think it looks better and they’ve added some new things like awards and you can also subscribe to channels like on YouTube. So you should go and check it out. See what you think.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today the prime minister of Canada visited a slum in Haiti.

The Republic of Haiti, is a Caribbean country on the island of Hispaniola.
According to Wikipedia, about 80% of the population lives in abject poverty.
Abject is a formal adjective meaning “extremely unpleasant and degrading”.
A slum is “an area of a city that is very poor and where the houses are dirty and in bad condition”.
Today Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper visited a slum in Haiti. He went there to visit a Canadian-funded hospital.
The Vancouver Sun reported Haiti is the second largest recipient of Canadian foreign aid after Afghanistan.
They quoted Stephen Harper saying:
"I think all of us, as fellow human beings, as people who have our own families, can only begin to understand the true difficulties and the challenges that so many people in this country face on a day-to-day basis."

And that was Stick News for Friday the 20th of July.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#271 Can anyone become a partner?

Step 1: Repeat Bob’s lines.
Step 2: Read Bob’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Bob YouTubers now make money, don’t they?

Sarah Yeah.

Bob Do you?

Sarah No, no, it’s just for a few people that have become what they call “YouTube partners”.

Bob Can anyone become a partner?

Sarah No, I think you have to be invited. It’s just for a few of the people that have a lot of subscribers.

Bob Do you think it’s a good idea?

Sarah Yeah, I guess so. I don’t know what their contracts look like though, so I’m not sure.

Bob How much money do they make?

Sarah Dunno. No idea.


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