Sunday, September 24, 2006

#144 Yuba

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#20 Yuba

If you boil soy milk, a skin forms on the surface. This is yuba.
You can buy yuba dried or fresh.
I bought a packet of each. There were recipes on the back of one of the packets, so I followed two of them.
First I used the dried yuba.
I soaked it for a few minutes until it was soft.
Then I cut it.
Then I fried it in olive oil with salt and pepper.
Then I mixed vinegar and soy sauce, and dipped the yuba in the sauce.
Mmm. Very tasty.
Then I tried the fresh yuba.
I cut it into strips.
Then put wasabi and soy sauce into a bowl.
Pretty complicated recipe this one.
Mmm. Nice.



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