Sunday, January 11, 2009

#934 Kagami Biraki Oshiruko

Show 934 Sunday 11 January
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Sunday Kitchen #122 Kagami Biraki Oshiruko

This is the kagami mochi I bought this year.
Kagami mochi normally looks much cooler than this … but I bought the cheapest one there was and it didn’t come with any decorations.
Over new years I put it on display with a big mandarin on top.
When you break kagami mochi and eat it, it’s called kagami biraki.
I decided to make oshiruko with the mochi.
I put some anko in a pot with some water and a bit of salt.
And I heated up a piece of the mochi in the toaster oven, then I put the mochi in the soup.
It was delicious.


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