Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#1283 Going The Distance, Dry Humping, 3-year-old Saves Dad, Scandalous, Phone Sex

Show 1283 Tuesday 24 August
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show. Today we’re studying a movie called Going the Distance.

This is a romantic comedy made in America which is about to be released. And I’m going to a preview screening on Wednesday night because I won some tickets off a website.

From the trailer it doesn’t look like it’s the greatest movie ever made, but I’m sure I’ll have fun.

The movie’s about a couple who meet and then six weeks later one of them moves to the other side of the United States and they try to continue their relationship.

So the distance in the title is referring to their long-distance relationship. And go the distance is also an idiom which means continue until the end.

And, in the trailer, you can see that they have some problems with their long-distance relationship.

And the girl’s sister says to her:

You need to be clear about what this relationship is. I mean he could be out there dry humping half of New York City right now.

Do you know what dry humping means?

To hump is slang for to have sex. And dry humping is basically humping with clothes on ... you can go and check the definitions at Urban Dictionary to get more in-depth descriptions of dry humping.

Today’s conversation is from the part in the trailer where the couple is trying to have phone sex, but it doesn’t go very well.


On Friday a man collapsed in California.
His 3-year-old daughter walked two blocks to a fire station to get help.
She told firefighters her dad was “frozen” and wouldn’t wake up.
The girl then escorted rescuers back to her home.
Doctors said without the prompt medical attention, the man would have died.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 24th of August.
Kia ora.


Hello! How can I help you?

My daddy is frozen!

This way.

You saved my life!

Word of the Day

Today’s word is scandalous.

Scandalous is an adjective which means shocking and unacceptable.

In today’s movie, after the girl’s sister says to her: I mean he could be out there dry humping half of New York City right now.

She says, sarcastically: Oh, that’s scandalous.

Because she doesn’t think dry humping sounds very serious.

But her sister says to her: Dry humping is no joke.

conversations with sarah
#821 I’m on top

Step 1: Repeat Garrett’s lines.
Step 2: Read Garrett’s lines and talk to Erin.

Erin I’m on top.

Garrett I’m on top. How can you be on top?

Erin Didn’t I say we were in your car?

Garrett No, we’re on a plane.

Erin This isn’t really working.



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