Saturday, June 26, 2010

#1223 Queens Wharf On Anzac Day

Show 1223 Saturday 26 June
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Queens Wharf is a concrete wharf in Auckland, New Zealand with a few old cargo sheds on it.

Apparently it’s going to be developed and opened in time for the Rugby World Cup next year.

But people have been arguing about exactly what should be done with it. Whether or not the sheds should be pulled down and whether or not they should make a cruise ship terminal.

Anyway, on Anzac Day this year, they opened the wharf to the public, so we decided to go and check it out.

There was a lot going on, like: face painting, balloons, a bouncy castle, a rowing competition, dancing, ball throwing.

There was some kind of rugby mascot hugging kids. And you could pose with a cardboard world cup and team jersey of your choice. I chose Tonga.

The sheds were also open for people to walk through. There wasn’t much going on inside the sheds.



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