Thursday, September 16, 2010

#1306 Colin Mathura-Jeffree's Advice, Stolen Mandarins, Unconventional, Queen St Questions

Show 1306 Thursday 16 September
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show. Recently I’ve been enjoying watching a TV program called New Zealand’s Next Top Model. It’s a reality show based on the American version.

And one of the judges on the New Zealand show is Colin Mathura-Jeffree. He’s my favourite judge. And today’s video is one that he did for a New Zealand site that posts videos of famous New Zealanders giving advice that’s supposed to be inspirational – and some of it’s pretty good. And I really like the advice that Colin gives in this video.

He said that when he was in India, someone told him that he should write a list of everything that he wanted to achieve.

And so he did and he said: And you know what, the craziest thing was, I opened my dairy, the list that I’d written had lines through it. Everything was achieved, so suddenly.

I think making a list, or lists, of what you want to achieve is an excellent idea. Even if you don’t achieve everything on the list, it really helps you focus your mind on your goal.

I can help you achieve anything. So if you haven’t tried it already, please try it with your language learning goals. You can write a daily list of what you want to achieve each day and you can also try writing lists of what you want to achieve this week, or month, or year.


The packing facility has just been raided for the third time.
Previously tomatoes were stolen. This time it was about 10,000 mandarins.
The New Zealand Herald wondered if the thief had an acute vitamin C deficiency.
But police suspect the fruit was being sold at markets in Auckland.

And that was Stick News for Thursday 16th September.
Kia ora.

I’ll give you the whole bag for $2, bro!
Um … I was after a bag of something else.

Mandarins? Sorry, we’re kinda busy. Let me know if the thieves break the speed limit.

What a brilliant intro! I’m so awesome. TAP! TAP! TAP!

It feels so good to support local farmers!

Word of the Day

Today’s word is unconventional.

I really like what she says in this video. She talks about somehow being able to see the positive in situations that you might normally think of as negative.

Unconventional means: Not following what is done or considered normal or acceptable by most people; different and interesting.

Anna Fitzpatrick is an unconventional model because she doesn’t have hair.

Question Time

We did Question Time today in Queen Street, which is the main street of Auckland.
It was quite different to asking people in the suburbs of Auckland. Most people said no when I asked if I could ask them a question on camera. I guess it was partly because of the time of day, it was Friday afternoon and a lot of people seemed like they were on their way to catch a bus or a train. So thank you very much to the people who stopped.

The first question we asked people was: Where are you from?

I’m from India.

From Germany. South western part, border to France.

I’m from Saudi Arabia. Actually I’m from the west of Saudi Arabia.


I’m from Saudi Arabia.

How long have you been in New Zealand?

Ah, one year.

Five days.

Ah, for three years.

Ah, seven years.

Three months.

What are you doing in New Zealand?

I finished my English study, now I’m staring foundation at Taylors College.

What are your impressions of New Zealand so far?

A lot of rain and beautiful landscape, and nice people, and a lot of rain, and also a lot of rain.
Sheep? A lot of sheep. Did I mention a lot of rain?

Do you come to Queen Street very often?

Ah yeah I visit every time because it’s the heart of the city.

Yeah, sometimes.

Yes, I just work down in APN.

Why did you come to Queen Street today?

I’m just here to catch up with some mates at the library.

It’s our celebration now, actually, yeah. We are Muslim and, ah, we just finished our … you know, you know Ramadan? It’s our month, our holy month. Yeah? And we just finished it and it’s all celebrations today.

conversations with sarah
#837 Do you often go to Queen Street?

Step 1: Repeat Frank's lines.
Step 2: Read Frank's lines and talk to Sarah.

Frank Do you often go to Queen Street?

Sarah No, not any more.

Frank Why not?

Sarah Because it’s quite far away.

Frank How far away is it from where you are?

Sarah About half an hour on the motorway, if there’s no traffic, which is basically only late at night. During the day it can take an hour or two.

I was flown to India in the mid 90s to be a male model and that was really exciting. So I had the honour to meet the Maharani of Udaipur, she’s the Indian queen and she told me to write a list of all the things that I want to achieve in my career. So this is an exciting thing. I went home, I wrote this amazing list.

I wanted to be the cover of a magazine. I wanted the Bajaj motorcycle commercial. I wanted to be the king of India on Xena. Yes, Xena of all things.

And you know what, the craziest thing was, I opened my dairy, that list I’d written had lines through it. Everything was achieved, so suddenly.

So I believe that you need to write a list like I did. You need to make it happen. This is your life, this is your chance. It’s so exciting. I believe in you, you need to believe in you.


the list that I'd written should be: that list I’d written
I accidentally read it wrong.


Indian Weekender - News story

Front Row Diary - Anna Fitzpatrick's site


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