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Show 519 Thursday 4 October

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today I’m going to talk about Halifax – which is the biggest city in Nova Scotia.

Before I came to Nova Scotia I was reading about this area on the internet. And I was getting really confused about the name of the city of Halifax. Because everybody seemed to call it Halifax – but when I looked it up in Wikipedia it says this:

Halifax Regional Municipality is the capital city of the province of Nova Scotia.
The municipality's name is commonly shortened using the acronym HRM and often simply, although incorrectly, as Halifax.

And then I thought, oh, well, is it wrong to call it Halifax?
But I think everyone just calls it Halifax – and then there’s also the official name.

And this morning I decided to listen to a CBC podcast as I was walking to school and there happened to be a story about the name of Halifax. Apparently the name Halifax Regional Municipality was made about 10 years ago after they joined a few cities together.

And now they’re thinking of changing the name again – to Halifax.
And so they had some people talking about whether or not they thought it was a good idea. Some people thought it was a bad idea. They said it would be a waste of money because they’d have to change all the signs.

And speaking of Halifax, or HRM, today’s news is about a brewery in Halifax.


Kia Ora in Stick News today the government of Nova Scotia is spending four and a half million dollars to help pay for an expansion of a brewery.

Alexander Keith was born in Scotland on the 5th of October 1795. He became a brewmaster in Scotland, then moved to Canada in 1817. Three years later, he founded the Alexander Keith’s brewing company.
Keith was the mayor of
Halifax, Nova Scotia three times, and he was a member of the Legislative Assembly for 30 years.
Alexander Keith died in Halifax in
But the beer lives on.
Today Keith’s is still brewed in Halifax.
The brewery is planning a $45 million dollar expansion so that more beer can be brewed.
Today CBC reported the Nova Scotia government would be chipping in 10 percent of the cost.
In other Keith’s news, tomorrow is Keith’s birthday.
Tonight, people all over Canada will be celebrating Keith’s 212th birthday.
According to Keith’s website, at exactly 11pm, thousands of people will recite a pledge to Alexander Keith’s.

I do solemnly pledge
To be faithful
To Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale
The ambrosia of ales
And the emissary of Nova Scotia good times
As long as I am able
To lift glass aloft
Slainte mhath

And that was Stick News for Thursday the 4th of October.
Kia Ora.

Do you know what this word means? (Ambrosia)

I have no idea.
Is it ... some kind of ... tree cutting ... ah, term?
My guess is that it would be a disease.

conversations with sarah
#322 What’s Halifax like?

Step 1: Repeat Larry’s lines.
Step 2: Read Larry’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Larry What’s Halifax like?

Sarah I don’t know, I haven’t been there yet.

Larry But, didn’t you fly into Halifax?

Sarah Yeah, the airport. But, you know, the airports aren’t usually right in the centre of town. The planes need a bit of space to land.

Larry True. So you didn’t go into the city before coming out here?

Sarah No, we came straight here.

Larry How far is it to Halifax?

Sarah About an hour.

Larry You should go and visit it at least once.

Sarah Yeah, definitely, we’re planning to go. We might hitchhike there. Don’t know how easy it would be to hitchhike back though. It’s kind of hard to hitchhike out of big cities.

Larry Aren’t there any buses?

Sarah Yeah, there are buses. That might be a better idea.


ambrosia = (greek and roman mythology) food of the gods, something very pleasing to taste or smell

emissary = a person sent as a diplomatic representative on a special mission

Slainte Mhath = cheers (literally "good health") in Gaelic
Explination here.


today's news
today's STICK NEWS pictures

So many things called Halifax

Alexander Keith
Keith's pledge
Keith's birthday site (although you have to enter a birthday ... how annoying)


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