Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Show 371 Wednesday 9 May

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Going to Canada 2007
Day 2: Taipei

Today we woke up to find a lake in our room. There is water dripping from the air conditioner.
We slept in and then went out to find some food. First we had some delicious fruit. Then we went to the same place that we ate at last night. They had an amazing buffet. Then we found a cool little cafe and had ice coffee.
We walked around a bit and saw lots of bikes.
All the taxis in Taipei seem to be yellow.
In the afternoon I did some editing. This is the TDES Taipei studio.
In the evening we went to a night market. Mmmm fruit. Pineapple.Cat.
We saw a lot of bars that looked like they were for Japanese men. But we didn't come across any non-dodgy looking places, so we went home.

artist: Jampy
album: Rain
tracks: Funky Duck Goes West, Speak to Me
from: Napoli, Italy
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