Saturday, June 07, 2008

Show 756 Saturday 7 June

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question 1

What is one good thing that has happened in your life thanks to studying a language?

question 2

Out of the countries you haven’t been to yet, which country would you like to visit next, and why?

question 3

If you could have one of Doraemon’s gadgets, which one would you choose and why?

By the way...

I’ll just explain Doraemon briefly, in case you haven’t heard of it. Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon and he is a robot cat from the future. I just started reading these books recently and I love them. I became a big Doraemon fan.
They’re supposed to be for little kids but my Japanese level is pretty much little kid level, so they’re very good for me.
The main characters are Doraemon, of course, and Nobita. Nobita is a little boy who is pretty useless, but useless in a cute way. He’s useless at everything like studying, sports. And so Doraemon, the robot cat, is sent from the future, by his grandson I think it is, he’s sent to help Nobita not be so useless.
So in the books, there are a whole lot of short stories. But they all follow a similar pattern. Usually at the start Nobita will get into some trouble. For example, he’ll be at school and his friends at school will start skiting about something great that they’ve done. And then Nobita will get all disappointed because he can’t do it too. So he’ll go home and complain to Doraemon and then Doraemon will pull some gadget out of his pocket.
And this great gadget will temporarily solve the problem. But then Nobita usually gets really carried away and creates more problems. And so Doraemon will somehow solve those problems. And then the story ends and then it happens all over again in the next story.

So that’s Doraemon in a nutshell. And that’s also one of my answers for question number one. One of the good things that happened to me thanks to studying Japanese is that I could enjoy great cartoons like this.


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