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#838 Niseko Rafting Guides Q+A

Show 838 Saturday 27 September
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Niseko Rafting Guides Q+A
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What’s your name?

I’m Ram, from Nepal.

My name is Krishna.


Tej Rana.


I’m Dil.

Ah, Meet.

Renato Shimizu.

Alex Kilpatrick.


Where are you from? (0:24)

I’m from Nepal.

I’m from Nepal.

I’m from Nepal.

I’m from Nepal.

I’m from Nepal.

Brazil, from Brazil.

Ah, Melbourne, Australia.

I’m from Nepal.

What do you do? (0:37)

My job is rafting guide. I do rafting guide.

My job is rafting guide, river guide.

Um, I’m doing rafting guide, safety kayaker … adventure rafting fields.

Yeah, I’m operation manager of Scott Adventure Sports. And, ah, mainly, I look after the guides, the equipment, finding guides, keeping all the equipment in proper shape. And repair. All these are my job.

Ah, my job is rafting.

Ah, rafting, as a, like a, river guide.

I’m doing rafting here.

Ah, I’m a rafting guide.

I’m a rafting guide here at SAS.

Um, raft guiding and doing some safety kayakers.

How long have you been working at SAS? (1:36)

This is two years.

So, at SAS, this is the second years I’m working here.

Ah, it’s my second year in SAS.

Ah, six years.

Ah, this is my second season in SAS.

Ah, since last year.

Ah, for more than two years.

SAS … six, five months.

Five months.

Um, I start to work in SAS from last 2004, to still now.

How long have you been a rafting guide? (2:15)

Ah, this is my 16 years.

This is 13 years.

Ah, eight years.

Ah, rafting guide, if you say in year, it’s been 20 years about. But actually on the river I worked first 1987, I started, until 1994, actively I did rafting guide. And after that I was more in office and then I worked little bit in jungle as a nature guide. And that more of office.

Well, I started in rafting 1987.

So … I started since 2000.

Over 20 years.

Five months.

Five months.

Ah, I spend my life to doing rafting guide. Already 13 years.

Do you enjoy being a rafting guide? (3:17)

Yes, I do, that’s why I’m doing quite a lot.

Yeah, very much.

Yes, of course I do. Lots of. Many, many.

Yes, I love going on rivers.

Yes, sure, so very enjoy, I’m so glad. I like to very much rafting adventure. Beautiful.

Yeah, very enjoy, yeah. So that’s why I been long time.

Certainly, I do.

Yes, very good, good job. Fun. Always fun.

Yes, I do.

Yes, I do.

What do you like about it? (3:52)

Ah, the customers, many different customers. Every single trip, we have different customers. That’s the best point. We give them, like, enjoyment.

Oh, it’s … it’s fun, myself and job, job is also fun. Every trip we get new people from the different corner of the world. So we can go everywhere. Sometime … we can change the river, like, sometimes Shiribetsu, sometimes go south, everywhere. We can travel a lot in this job as well and meet new people. That’s what I like.

Ah, cause … Rafting is adventure, so I love adventure, and many trips we find different people with different concepts. And we’re chatting each others and we can share our feelings and everything, experience with the customers. So that is a good times and enjoying to do rafting.

It’s a lot of fun because I enjoy with the customers. So … it’s my job to make them happy and I become happy too.

It’s adventure. That’s why I like to join the rafting. For the … good for adventure.

Because I like adventure, so that’s why.

Ah, this is adventure. I like adventure job. So I enjoy with nature.

Yeah, be outside, nature, green, river. Good peoples. That’s nice.

It’s fun. It’s, um, exercise. And it’s different.

I love to play in the water. So … when I was young my hobby to be a raft guide. So I can meet the peoples from different place. So I can talk with them. So that’s why I love to be a raft guide.

When do you think is the best time to visit Niseko? (6:01)

Ah, Niseko, for the family … family is July, August, and for the most, like, adventurous, like, haru, spring, is the best.

Ah, this is the, for the summer, is also good. Rafting and ducky and mountain bike. So … winter is also as well, but I’m not here in winter. I don’t know about. But Niseko is very famous for ski as well, so I think both season is good for visit in Niseko.

Um, maybe for the rafting if you come in April and May, that’s going to be good for rafting. And haru course, spring course. And maybe in December to March you can come for the ski.

Ah, depends ah, on you, what you’re looking for. Like, ah, for those who want exciting rafting I would say springtime is the best. But this … cold water. Otherwise I like summer, in Niseko, it’s all greenery and it’s a perfect home for me. It reminds me of Nepal.

April, April and May the season is good season in Niseko. Haru course. It’s beautiful river. It’s beautiful. Very nice rapids.

I think it’s August month is very best for rafting. But I don’t know about winters. But in the summer, August is best.

Niskeo, people they have different nature, like in winter, if they like to ski or snowboard it’s very good time for them. It’s one of the best snow powder in the world, Niseko powder is. And for rafting, maybe, April is different, it’s high water. And August is good also. Good water level, yeah.

I never been winter in Niseko so I don’t know, but summer is pretty good. Summertime.

Ah, depends what you like, for skiing, definitely winter. But, um, if you like rafting and hiking and mountain climbing, summer.

Um, any time I guess. Because in winter also you can do different stuff, like snowboard or ski. So in summer you can do raft, ducky, paddling on the small boats and kayak. So any time, in Niseko.

What do you do in winter? (8:59)

In winter I look after ski and snowboards. Because almost all of our customers are gaikokujin. So, and also I look after accommodations that SAS runs.

Winter I back to Nepal. I do same job, rafting.

I’ll be working in a bar and doing a lot of skiing.

So, I work in a pension. By myself, I do snowboarding.

filmed on: Sunday 14th September 2008

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