Monday, March 22, 2010

#1204 TDES Live Q + A On Ustream, NZ Govt Wants To Mine National Parks, Future Looks Grim

Show 1204 Monday 22 March
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

An update on the live webcast experiment: We’re going to be doing it from Ustream.
So you can join us here.

How it works is, first you need to log in, using something like Twitter. So if you don’t have a Twitter account, you’ll need to go and make one of those. And then log in using your Twitter name and password.

If you prefer not to use Twitter, there are a few other ways you can log in as well.
It’s pretty obvious how to do it if you go and look at that page.

And if we have any more updates, we’ll be posting them here and via our studiotdes Twitter account.

Unfortunately, it’ll probably just be voice, without video, because the internet in New Zealand is pretty slow, so sometimes it doesn’t work very will with video. But we’ll see how it goes.

And they’ll be question and answer sessions, so you can log in and then type your question and I will attempt to answer them.


Since 2008 the National Party has been leading the New Zealand government.
They’ve just announced they’d like to dig up some of the land that is supposed to be protected.
They areas they’re keen to mine include parts of the Coromandel Peninsula, Great Barrier Island, and Paparoa National Park.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 22nd of March.
Kia ora.

This is more fun than playing on the currency market!
rub rub

Those mining company shares will be looking pretty hot MWA HA HA!
Blah blah blah jobs for New Zealanders...

Ah, I think you'll find there are reasons why this land is protected, Mr Key...
Oh puh-lease! Go hug a tree ya smelly hippie!
$ $

conversations with sarah
#766 Isn’t it protected?

Step 1: Read Alana’s lines.
Step 2: Repeat Alana’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Alana How can they do that?

Sarah Mine on conservation land?

Alana Yeah. Isn’t it protected?

Sarah Yeah. But it’s all just pieces of paper and agreements, really. Once you have power you can do whatever you like. Governments do it all the time. Sign stuff saying they’ll do one thing and then do the opposite.

Alana Are they going to get away with it?

Sarah Probably, because New Zealand is full of idiots that won’t even care.

Alana Wow, so harsh!

Sarah Yeah, well, the future’s looking pretty grim at the moment.



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