Saturday, October 27, 2007

Show 542 Saturday 27 October

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Back to Japan 2007
Day 1: Wolfville to Vancouver

This morning we left Wolfville at about half past ten. Ted and Lucy drove us to the airport. Before we went to the airport they took us to a place called Peggys Cove. They said you can’t leave Nova Scotia without going to Peggys Cove.
It was a beautiful place. Awesome rocks.

Our flight left at ten past five. The service at Halifax airport was great. The staff at check-in were super friendly and helpful.
The staff on the plane were good too.

We stopped in Montreal for a couple of hours.
Check it out, commas.

I did some editing and drank a $9 beer. Damn airports.

Before we took off, we had to wait about an hour, because, as the pilot explained to us, they couldn’t find anyone to push the plane out.
They gave us a free drink to apologize.

When we got to Vancouver there was a big line for taxis – we thought about taking a limo instead, because it’s not actually that much more expensive. But we didn’t have to wait too long.

I thought our taxi driver was really dodgy because he didn’t display any ID and because he was chatting on his cell phone for almost the entire trip – but apparently both things are actually legal in Canada.

We stayed at Pender Lodge in Vancouver. They weren’t very happy about us arriving an hour later than we said we were going to. But thankfully they let us in and we didn’t have to sleep on the street.


This comma is for something called a decimal separator. (I just looked it up).