Friday, April 02, 2010

#1215 Lady Gaga Telephone Parody, Flight Attendant Strip Protest, Flash, Auckland Tweetup

Show 1215 Friday 2 April
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

The song we’re studying today is a parody of the song Telephone by Lady Gaga.

I think it’s pretty funny and it’s very well done.

It starts out like this:

First of all this song is not as good as Bad Romance
And it’s not even close Poker Face or Just Dance
So I will distract them by getting half naked
And throw everything at them but the kitchen sink

There is quite a lot of crazy stuff going on in the actual video for Telephone. And this is saying that the reason why Gaga made it so crazy is to distract people from the fact that it’s not a very good song.

Everything but the kitchen sink
is an idiom which means: A very large number of things, probably more than is necessary.

For example when someone takes a lot of luggage on holiday, you can say: Wow, you’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink!

Near the end of the song, Beyonce says to Lady Gaga:

I have to ask: What does that have to do with a telephone?

This is the kind of question you can use when something seems unrelated or you’re not quite sure how something is related.

You can say: What does that have to do with …

For example if you were discussing whether or not violence in the media causes people to be more violent in real life and someone suddenly says: Yeah, but the traffic in this city is awful.

You could say: What does that have to do with violence in the media?

And maybe that person thought there was a link, or maybe they just suddenly changed the topic.


Kia ora in Stick News today flight attendants in Spain who are owed up to nine months’ wages have protested by posing nude for a calendar.

At the end of last year an airline which was based in Spain went out of business.
Apparently staff are still owed wages dating back to January 2009.
Some of the flight attendants decided to protest by striping off and posing naked for a calendar.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 2nd April.
Kia ora.

They're cancelling the flight. They can't afford the fuel.
Again?! Bags not telling the passengers.

I think we should stop paying our receptionist immediately!

Word of the Day

Today’s word is flash.

This is another free magazine that I found in my building.
On the cover it says: WIN A FLASH WEEKEND IN TAUPO.

Flash is an informal word for expensive. For example a flash car or a flash watch.

And the prize for this competition is a weekend staying at an expensive hotel, so they call it a flash weekend.

friday joke

Why didn't the chicken cross the road?
Because it was too chicken.

conversations with sarah
#775 What’s a tweetup?

Step 1: Read Phoebe’s lines.
Step 2: Repeat Phoebe’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Sarah I went to a tweetup the other day.

Phoebe What’s a tweetup?

Sarah It’s like a meet up with people who use Twitter.

Phoebe So anyone who uses Twitter can go?

Sarah Yeah.

Phoebe Hmmm. OK. What’s the point?

Sarah Hmm, I’m not sure … well, yeah, when I first saw someone mentioning this tweetup, I thought, “Ugh, how ridiculous, I’d never go to anything like that.” But then I got really curious … so I went.

Phoebe So what was the point? Just to meet people?

Sarah I think it was for marketing people to get together. Most of the people there seemed to work in marketing, so they were there to network I guess. I talked to some nice people … a guy from a bank, a woman from a hotel … and, yeah, some other people who owned their own PR or marketing companies.


And that was The Daily English Show. And we have two more shows and then we’re going on a break. So I’ll see you again at the start of May. See you then, bye.


Lady Gaga Telephone Parody (ft Beyonce) - lyrics

First of all this song is not as good as Bad Romance
And it’s not even close Poker face or Just Dance

So I will distract them by getting half naked
And throw everything at them but the kitchen sink sink

The kitchen sink sink
What do you think think?
I will prove that I don’t have a penis wink wink

First Ill get stripped naked by some burly prison guards
Then make out with a shemale in the prison yard yard

This video seems goofy you should just do it alone
Besides I’m getting sick of all these songs about phones

You bail me out of jail then we pause for some bad dialogue
We poison everyone including a cute dog

Then we start to dance and there’s dead people everywhere
As usual I’ll have lots crazy crap in my hair

PPPPPPPPProduct Placement
Hide the ddead bodies in the bbbasement

Blood and guts and boobs and buts
And I just want to make your head explode

Beep beep beep bbbeep beep beep
That was Lady Gaga in Morse code

If you think I’m doing this
Then you’re a crazy bastard
You musta blown a gasket
Are you trippin’ on acid
As a child were you abused by some big crazy bastard
And did he ever make you place the lotion in the basket

I just want to do a simple shoot with dancin’
You used to be a diva now you’re Marilyn Manson

You’re gonna do my video and do it my way
I’d hate for something bad to happen to your family ay

My family ay

That’s right Beyonce

A piano might accidentally fall on Jay Z

Somebody help me cus I don’t want sing anymore
She’s got a gun to my head on the dance floor

Rubadubdub three nuns in a tub
And their doin’ it with a garden Gnome

Please don’t beat me up but I have to ask what
does that have to do with a telephone?


People I talked to at the tweetup:

Also, briefly met: suzannepaulnz

The Daily English Show on Twitter: studiotdes
Sarah: tdes
knf: knf


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