Friday, October 26, 2007

Show 541 Friday 26 October

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today is our last day at Acadia. So I’d just like to say thank you very much to Acadia University for having us. And particularly thanks to the Acadia Centre for International Languages which is part of Continuing and Distance Education. It’s thanks to them that we got to come here.
And we’re really glad that we came because we’ve had such a good time.

And I think it has worked out really well for both The Daily English Show and Acadia university. Thanks to us producing the show here hopefullymore people have found out about Nova Scotia and Acadia University – because that was the point of inviting us here.

And the good news is: hopefully we’re going to continue to have some kind of relationship with Acadia University. We’re just sorting out the details at the moment.
But I think it’s going to work well. One idea we have is to have is to do ... like a weekly section featuring Acadia – like, for example, the Asking Acadia thing that we’ve been doing. Or something else. And maybe students will produce it, they’ll film it and then just send me the data and then I can include it in the show.

So I think that will cool if it works out and also in future to have sections from other parts of the world. So if anyone is keen to get involved, please let me know.

We really enjoyed doing the Asking Acadia section. It was a fun way to meet students. About half the people we asked said no – which was fair enough because you don’t always feel like suddenly being on camera. But everyone was really nice about it. And some people just started running when they saw us ... which was pretty funny.

So thank you very much to everybody who agreed to be filmed. You guys rock. And thank you to everyone who helped us out and was nice to us – which was a lot of people ...
In fact I think we’ve only met about two people who weren’t very helpful and everyone else was great. So, there are a lot of nice people at this university. And thanks to them, we’ve had a really good time here.


Kia Ora, this is Stick News. Last night in New Zealand a French tourist was rescued from the bush thanks to a cell phone and a flute.

On Thursday night a 28-year-old French tourist went for a walk in the bush in Taranaki and got lost.
When it got dark she called the police on her cell phone.
During the search she remained in contact with the police and when they came near where she was, she started to play her small flute.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 26th of October.
Kia Ora.

friday joke

A man walks into a bar and orders a beer.

There are some peanuts in a bowl on the counter.

They start talking to the man.
“Hey, you’re looking pretty hot tonight,” they say.

The man thinks it’s a bit weird that peanuts are talking to him. But he feels pretty good about being told he looks hot.

He decides to play pool and goes over to the change machine to get some coins.

As he is getting the money, the machine says: “You suck at pool, bro. Why do you even bother? In fact, you suck at life.”

The man doesn’t feel good anymore. He thinks: “Man, something strange is going on in this bar. Maybe I’m hallucinating.”

So he goes up to the bar again and he says to the bartender: “What’s up with this bar tonight? First the peanuts starts talking to me and telling me I’m hot and now the change machine is telling me I suck! What’s going on?!”

“Well,” says the bartender. “The peanuts are complimentary and the change machine is out of order.”

conversations with sarah

#336 What's been the highlight of your time in Canada?

Step 1: Repeat Jude’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jude’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Jude What’s been the highlight of your time in Canada?

Sarah Tough question. There have been many highlights.

Jude OK, tell me a few.

Sarah OK, um, eating fresh organic fruit and vegetables from the garden every day when we were wwoofing. That was amazing. And … swimming in the river at our private beach in Nelson, that was very cool.

Jude You must have seen some beautiful places.

Sarah Yeah, for sure. Beautiful scenery. And nice people – I think I kind of enjoy that more than the scenery, actually. And we’ve met a lot of nice people in Canada.

Jude Do you like Wolfville?

Sarah Yeah, I love it. I like how it’s small that it’s easy to walk everywhere. And I love the fact that you can go on a bar crawl and go to every bar. You can’t do that in a big city.

Jude Did you run out of things to film?

Sarah No way. Actually we still have a long list of things that we just didn’t get around to doing because there was just so much that we wanted to do. There’s so many things going on around here and so many interesting people that I’d really like to interview.


today's news

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