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#978 The Wrestler, Section 92A, Turn-on

Show 978 Tuesday 24 February
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
Today we’re studying a scene from a movie called The Wrestler.
I haven’t seen this movie – I don’t think it has been released in Japan yet.
But anyway, you don’t need to see a whole movie to study a scene from it.

In this scene a guy asks a girl to go and have a drink with him and she says no at first and then she eventually says yes.

He invites her by saying: Have a beer with me?
That’s the same as saying: Will you have a beer with me? Or: Do you want to have a beer with me? Or: Please have a beer with me.

And she refuses by saying: I’ve got to get going. Which means the same thing as: I have to go.

Presumably because there’s something that she has to do.

That’s a pretty natural way to refuse an invitation. If someone asks you to go for a coffee or a drink or something – it’s pretty strange to refuse by saying: No, I don’t want to.
Instead people usually say things like: No, I can’t. I have to go home, or: I have to do ... something else.

If you use have to it sounds like you don’t have a choice and you regret not being about to do it. Even though really, of course, you usually do have a choice.

Then she says: I got a kid. And he replies with: You have a kid?

I got means the same thing as I have got or I’ve got or I have.

I got is informal – so don’t go writing it in your university essays or in business email.


Kia ora this is Stick News. Yesterday in New Zealand there was a blog black-out to protest a new law.

Last year a law was passed in New Zealand called the Copyright Amendment Act No 27.
Most of the act has already taken effect – but Section 92A has now been delayed after protests including website black-outs and an online petition.
According to the New Zealand Herald, Section 92A … requires that ISPs implement policies for warning and ultimately disconnecting internet users accused of copyright infringement.
They said it was widely agreed that the act will be costly for ISPs, be unenforceable and probably won't work.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 24th of February.
Kia ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report
with SAS Scott Adventure Sports

Thanks to: David

Have you ever had any students that just couldn’t do it?

I’ve never had a student that never got it in the end. We always … we often find that everybody gets to a certain point and they hit a, hit a barrier. And some people hit that on the first day. It might be … some people, for instance, struggle with stepping up the hill, we call it side-stepping. And, um, and some people, you know, they, they seem to struggle a lot at that, sort of, that point.
And it’s about trying to, sort of, you know, sometimes you have to take people away from that. Sometimes it involves, you know, just going down, sitting down and having a coffee. Other times it’s taking a break or just trying to make things a little bit more enjoyable, cause, to get people out of that, sort of, they get stuck on that, sort of, part of it. But usually I’ve always found that, um, so far, we’ve got people through and then they, sort of, when they get passed that they start to, you know, really enjoy it and they improve at a different rate doing other sort of things.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is turn-on.
You probably know to turn on, as in: Can you please turn on the light?

But a turn-on is a noun.

a person or thing that people find sexually exciting

The woman in this scene is a stripper and she says she doesn’t tell customers that she has a child because: It’s not a turn-on.

conversations with sarah

#614 I’ve got to get going

* Watch this scene here.

Step 1: Repeat Randy’s lines.
Step 2: Read Randy’s lines and talk to Cassidy.

Randy Have a beer with me?

Cassidy I’ve got to get going.

Randy One beer.

Cassidy I really … I got a, I got a kid.

Randy You have a kid? Well … what do you have – a boy or a girl?

Cassidy Boy. Jamieson.

Randy How old?

Cassidy Nine.

Randy Wow. Who would figure, huh?

Cassidy Well, it’s not something I usually tell the customers.
Not exactly … it’s not a turn-on.

Randy Hold on. Wait a second. I want you to give this to your little guy. It’s a, it’s a Randy the Ram action figure. Tell him not to lose it - it’s a 300 dollar collector’s item.

Cassidy Really?

Randy No. Come on, hey, one beer.

Cassidy OK.


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