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#1263 Kanye Tweets, Storytime Online, Japan’s Centenarian Search, Diarrhoea, Hone On Dating Pākehā

Show 1263 Wednesday 4 August
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Do you know who Kanye West is?
He’s the guy who interrupted a singer during her acceptance speech for an award last year …and said that someone else should have won.

He also makes music. And he seems to have a humongous ego.

Anyway, recently he started tweeting. And he’s pretty popular. He has more than 400 thousand followers so far.

So today I thought we’d study some of his mistakes.

On the 1st of August, Kanye tweeted: oh is waaay to bright outside! These sunglasses just saved my life

What is wrong with that? Yep. A classic mistake, Kanye used the wrong to/two/too.
It should be t-o-o.

Another classic mistake is using the wrong their/they’re/there.

He tweeted: I know everybody at Rolling Stones had one question on there mind... and the answer is... yes, the shoes are Dreis

(or whatever … )

That should be t-h-e-i-r.

What’s wrong with this tweet?

Hangover's ain't good man... hangover's ain't good

There shouldn’t be an apostrophe with hangovers because he’s trying to write the plural noun.

If it was a contraction or possessive, then he’d need an apostrophe.

For example: My hangover’s awful man …

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The site I recommend today is called storyline online.

On this site there are videos with actors reading children’s books.

For example, Betty White reads a book called Harry The Dirty Dog.
And she reads it really well.

Do you know who Betty White is? She’s been an actress for more than 70 years apparantely.

I also listened to a book being read called Me and My Cat. I’d never read that book before … and I really love it. The illustrations are very cool and it’s a great story too.


Japan is famous for its long life expectancy. Official figures say the country has more than 40,000 centenarians.
But it turns out some of those people are actually dead. Last month a mummified corpse was discovered in Tokyo.
Then officials discovered that Tokyo’s oldest women hadn’t been seen for around 50 years.
Officials are now trying to find out if the rest of the centenarians are in fact alive.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 4th of August.
Kia ora.

1263 a
In Japan people only eat until they're 80% full... and they never die!

1263 b
Shouldn't we call the hospital... the smell is awful.
No way! Look at this money flowing into his account... mwahaha!

1263 c
* AGED 113

1263 d
Maybe we don't have an ageing population!
Great news for the economy!
There goes my condo in Hawaii...

Word of the Day

Today’s word is diarrhoea.

I went to a hospital in Hamilton on Monday to visit someone and I saw this sign.

Please don't visit patients if you have: a cough, a runny nose, sneezing, aches, fever,
diarrhoea (the runs), vomiting.

The runs is a slang word for diarrhoea. And I found it really interesting that they wrote it there, because it’s not like diarrhoea is a really obscure medial term that most people don’t know.

I’d be very surprised if someone in New Zealand didn’t know the word diarrhoea. Unless they were a tourist or a recent immigrant, in which case they probably wouldn’t know the word runs either.

Here are a few other slang words for diarrhoea: the shits, the trots, the craps.

Do you know any more?

conversations with sarah
#807 What’s a Pākehā?

Step 1: Repeat Anne’s lines.
Step 2: Read Anne’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Anne What did that politician say?

Sarah He said that he wouldn’t be comfortable with his children dating a Pākehā.

Anne What’s a Pākehā?

Sarah A Caucasian New Zealander, basically. Or it can mean any non-Māori.

Anne Wow, that’s full on.

Sarah Yeah, it’s nasty.

Anne Do most people in New Zealand think like that?

Sarah No, I don’t think so, not most thank goodness. But people are often racist in other ways though.

Anne So racism is still a problem?

Sarah Yeah, it is. But I would rather politicians encouraged people to be less racist, not endorse it. He basically said, Yeah, I’m racist, but so are other people, so it’s OK.

Kanye's Tweets



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