Saturday, July 18, 2009

#1094 Niseko Utari Festival 2009

Show 1094 Saturday 18 July
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On the first of February I went to an event in Niseko called the Niseko Utari Festival.
The first part of the event was held at a venue in Hirafu called The Northern Fox.

The Northern Fox has two floors.
Upstairs they were selling stuff like T-shirts.
And there was a van outside selling green curry.

The band that played first was called 3.

Next up was a band called Charaves.

The next band was Feeler.

And then it was Cro-Magnon.

We talked to one of the guys from Cro-Magnon outside after he played.

And how was tonight’s gig?

It was good, it was great, yeah. I felt that people in there … all got together. We played at Zepp Sapporo last night. And that was a great party and the place was huge. And the tension of the people was more able to feel … here, close to each other, so that was good.

The second part of the event was held at a place called Be in Kutchan.
It was a great night.

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Utari Festival

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