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#1177 New Boy, Irish English, Onyas - NZ Web Awards, Guff

Show 1177 Tuesday 23 February
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Hi, I'm Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re studying a movie called New Boy. It’s a short film, made in Ireland.
It’s about a boy who has changed schools. And it’s about his experience on his first day at the new school. He’s also in a new country, in Ireland, and the film cuts back to show what it was like at his old school in the country that he has come from.

I think it’s a great film, it’s beautifully told and it’s very moving, especially the part where he shares a joke with his new classmates.

And I think this is a good one to study, partly because the plot is pretty straightforward. And the story is mostly told with images, so even if you can’t catch all of the dialogue, you’ll still get the story.

The film is mostly set in Ireland so if you’ve never been to Ireland you not be familiar with this accent.

A few interesting things about the language.

Firstly, two of the boys at the school say me instead of my.

Miss, Seth Quinn threw me book out the window.
And: Didn’t have me hand up.

That’s not very common in New Zealand, I would say: Seth Quinn threw my book out the window. And: Didn’t have my hand up.

Most of the movie is set in Ireland so if you’ve never been to Ireland you might not be familiar with the accent.

One interesting thing about the accent, I think it depends on the speaker a bit, but in Ireland, the sound for th is often different from in other English speaking countries, like New Zealand, for example.

As it says in Wikipedia, thin and tin, and then and den are near-homophones, which means they sound almost the same.

For example, when the teacher tells the students to open their maths books, she says:
Now, page thirty seven.

But the way she says thirty is quite different from how I say it. It sounds something like tirty.


The Onyas are awards for the New Zealand web industry.
The awards started this year and the name comes from the colloquial phrase “good on you” which means “well done”.
The ceremony was held in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city.
The award for the most outstanding website went to a site called Xero which is an online accounting system.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 23rd of February.
Kia ora.

Wonder if they have an educational video show category...

And the award for the lamest awards show name goes to...

Aren't you going to the ceremony?
Why would I want to leave the house... and my computer?!

Most outstanding website! That sounds exciting! Let's check it out.
Hmm... exciting.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is guff.

In today’s movie there’s a boy called Seth, who doesn’t pay attention in class and is always talking, so the teacher calls on him to answer a question, and he can’t answer it – and she’s trying to make a point that he should pay more attention in class.

And when he says that he can’t answer the question, she says:
Maybe we’ll have a little less guff out of Seth for a while.

I’d never head that word guff before.
What does it mean?

guff noun, (informal) trivial or worthless talk or ideas

conversations with sarah
#747 It was a private conversation.

Step 1: Read Hazel’s lines.
Step 2: Repeat Hazel’s lines and talk to the teacher.

Teacher Hazel O’hara.

Hazel What?

Teacher I heard what you just said, Hazel O’hara.

Hazel It was a private conversation.

Teacher Don’t you dare talk to me like that!

Hazel Like what?

Teacher Stand up.

Hazel I am standing.

Teacher Well hands in the air then.

New Boy - Transcript

We have a new boy with us today.
So what?
Now, now. Everybody this is Joseph. Say hello.
Hi, Jospeh.
He should sit beside Pamela.
No, he shouldn’t.
Hands in the air. Oh, not you Joseph, you’re fine. You can just go and sit over there.
Good. Now, I’m sure we’re all going to make Joseph feel very welcome. Hands down. Take out your Maths Matters.
Miss, Seth Quinn threw me book out the window.
Did not.
Did so.
Seth Quinn, go down and get that book.
Now, page thirty seven.

20 divided by 10.
Next one’s 18 divided by 9.
56 divided by 8 is equal to
36 divided by 6.
6. Correct.
Last one here 49 divided by 7

Hey, (?) do they know it’s Christmas?
Christian Kelly!
Are you annoying Joseph?
Is he Joseph? I’m sure he isn’t. Sit up straight so I can see you Christian Kelly.
He was poking Joseph’s back, miss!
Shut up!
He was!
Feck off.
Take it down.

Specky fancies you. You’re dead.
Hurry up now we haven’t got all day.

Excellent boys, that is it for today. But remember to practice your sums at home. OK.
Good day to you.
Good day, teacher.

Hey, ? What’s number three?
Christian, what did I just say?
Don’t know.
No talk.
I wasn’t, I
Just finish your sums.
Have you finished Joseph? Good lad.
Now I think we’ve all had plenty of time. Pencils down. Down. Now, who’s first? Seth Quinn.
Didn’t have me hand up.
Come up now and do number one for us please.
Bet he gets it wrong.
Don’t know.
Maybe we’ll have a little less guff out of Seth for a while. Now, Hazel, why don’t you show us all how to do number one. Good girl.

You understand? And then you do that one tomorrow, yeah?
OK, good day, bye-bye.
So they believe in you? (?)
I am a star, father. In the last game I scored three goals.
Yes, you are a star, you are a star.

Hey (?) you hungry? Do you want that? It’s a good one!
Kelly’s got snot on his finger!
Oh, my finger. Ah, let go!
Joseph, let go. Everybody hands in the air.
Oh, me finger. He broke me finger.
Sit down! Hands in the air! There’s nothing broken. You’ll be grand.
It’s sore.
I’m sure it is.
I seen her knickers!
What colour?
That’s better. Hands down.
Oh, God give me strength. Christian, sit down. Now, Joseph, Christian is no angel, are you Christian?
I didn’t do anything.
We do not pull fingers, or whatever you just did to Christian here, in this classroom or anywhere else. Understood?
You’re definitely dead.
Don’t listen to that dirt bag.

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Hit him!
Go on Kelly! Go on, punch him!
Come on!
Are you going to fight, or what?
Useless. There’s no fight.
This is boring.
Seth Quinn. Christian Kelly. Again!
Not a squeak out of you. Just stand there. Open up page 47 of Totally Gwelga (?). Questions 1 to 7. I’m going to be right outside now and listening for any messing.
I didn’t do anything.
Shut up Christian for Christ’s sake. We need to sort this out boys.
I didn’t
Seth, what happened?
Funny sort of nothing I saw.
Well, Joseph, your turn. What happened? Oh, you’re just great, lads. What am I going to do with you? Right (?) if that’s the way you want it.
Yes, Hazel.
I seen it.
Now, Hazel.
But I seen it, Christian
Back inside Hazel.
But he
She’s a bitch, that (?) I was only telling her.
Hands in the air. Hazel O’hara!
I heard what you just said, Hazel O’hara.
It was a private conversation.
Don’t you dare talk to me like that!
Like what?
Stand up.
I am standing.
Well hands in the air, then.

She thinks she’s robbing a fucking bank.


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New Boy - IMDB


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