Saturday, April 29, 2006

Show 27 Saturday 29 April

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Sarah's Diary
#2 Baseball game

Last Sunday, I went to a baseball game.

Before the game started, I saw some players wearing blue caps.

I saw a guy warming up.

I saw a bird shoot something into the crowd.

I saw some people in interesting costumes selling beer.

I interviewed a person in the crowd.

I saw some kids playing baseball.

I saw lots of big cameras.

During the game ...
I saw some nice hits.

I saw miyamoto preparing to hit.

I saw Miyamoto hit the ball.

I saw another nice hit.

I saw a pretty beer girl.

I saw a lovely rear end.

I saw a Japanese flag.

I saw some players having a bit of a talk.

I saw a guy practicing pitching.

I saw Huruta.

I interviewed a fan again. I asked him how he felt now that his prediction was wrong and his favourite team was losing.

I saw the final score.

And after quite a few beers ... a final interview.