Wednesday, November 01, 2006

#182 Day 1: Tokyo to Oyama

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I don’t think I’ve ever left anywhere without having a few goodbye drinks the night before And packing and cleaning with a hangover is never much fun.

The original overly optimistic goal that didn’t factor in sluggish brain speeds, was to leave by 10am.
By the time we ended up leaving Tokyo at 5:30, it was already dark.

The first stop of the trip was pretty exciting. We stopped at Showa Shell and put 10.7 liters of petrol in the tank. It cost 1338 yen.

We drove on Nikkokaido 4 until we got hungry.
We stopped at an Italian restaurant and ate pepperoncino spaghetti with salad, bread and coffee.
It cost 2866 yen.

The man who served us was nice and the food tasted good. But there were no other customers so it was kind of lonely.

We drove for a bit longer until we started to get sleepy – then we looked for a hotel. The first three hotels we checked were full. Then we found one that had a room and that’s where I am now. The room isn’t too bad. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.