Sunday, May 21, 2006

Show 49 Sunday 21 May

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sunday kitchen

#6 beer snacks part 1

Spicy miso paste.
Spicy miso cucumber.
Spicy miso cabbage.

You need:

Sesame oil

Put some miso into a bowl.
Add some sesame oil.
Add some tobanjan (a kind of chili paste).
Add some crushed garlic.
Mix some more.
Cut the celery.
Cut the cabbage.
Wash the vegetables.
Cut the sprouts.
Wash the sprouts.
Shake the water off your hands.
Cut the cucumber and put it on a plate.
Put spicy miso paste on the cucumber.
Put spicy miso paste on the cabbage.
Cut the celery and put spicy miso paste on it.

Show 48 Saturday 20 May

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Sarah's Diary

#4 Beauty show in Tokyo

One of my students works in the beauty business.
And she had a stall at a beauty trade show.
So I decided to go along and check it out.

The show was at an events center called Tokyo Big Sight.

Inside there were thousands of booths, and thousands of well-dressed women.

The first thing that caught my eye was the proliferation of bizarre-looking machines.

I wasn’t really sure how they could make us more beautiful.

But luckily, there were many informative demonstrations.

I also saw some shoes, clothes, towels, a few bottles of wine, a spa pool, and a god cleaner!


The highlight of my beauty show experience was the foot massage and the foot bath.


See you tomorrow!