Saturday, September 01, 2007

Show 486 Saturday 1 September

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Sarah's Diary: New Denver

On Wednesday, we hitch-hiked to New Denver.
We had to walk for about an hour before someone picked us up.
The first ride took us to a turn-off. There was a bank.
The second ride took us to this shop.
The third ride took us all the way to New Denver. We went along some back roads and saw some teepees.
The guy that we were hitching with stopped a few times so we could take some photos which was really nice.

This is New Denver. When we got to New Denver we went to the lake.
So beautiful.
The water was so clear. At night we went kayaking ... but we didn’t take the camera.

The next morning we walked around the town and saw a small dog and a big dog. We had coffee at The Apple Tree sandwich shop.
Then we played with some giant chess pieces.

Next to the chess board a guy was being interviewed by a TV station. They were talking about cell phones. New Denver doesn’t have cell phone reception and it seems some people have pretty strong views about whether or not it should stay that way.

A lot of people in town also really like them.

On the way home the first ride was to Silverton.
Silverton seems to have got its name from people mining for silver.
I think this is silver. And these are mining tools.
Some toys in a shop.
And hitchhiking out of Silverton.

We got a ride to this place. Then got another ride.
We sat here for a while but we weren’t having much luck so we started walking. We walked over a dam and a bridge. Then finally got a ride home.


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