Saturday, February 20, 2010

#1174 Go By Bike Breakfast 2010 Auckland City

Show 1174 Saturday 20 February
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On Wednesday I went to an event in Auckland called Go By Bike Breakfast.

If you turned up on a bike you could get a free breakfast.
It was great. There was free fruit, orange juice, coffee.

OK, got flat whites here. Long black’s just waiting, yip, ‘nother flattie …

You could even get a free bike check.

The event was put on by the Auckland City Council.

We’ve got guys saying they don’t mind paying their rates now they’re getting free breakfast from the city. So enjoy yourselves, we’ll have spot prizes in a minute. And of course we’ve got a bike to give away later in the morning.
(Jon Bridges)

The MC was a guy called Jon Bridges.

Where are you from?
Um, we’re from Pt. Chev and we go to Saint Mary’s College.
Awesome. Did you get here by bike?

There was a TV presenter from a show called Breakfast.

And what are you doing here this morning?
We’re just doing a bit of filming, behind, as you can see there.
A bit of crossing to Breakfast.
A bit of, yeah, weather crossing into Breakfast, yeah.
Great, well enjoy that, we’ll keep quiet while you do it.
Thanks, man.

We’re coming here live this morning from the Go By Bike Breakfast down here at Auckland’s Viaduct. If you’ve just woken up and you have got a bike outside, take that to work, leave the car at home. You’re being encouraged to, along with thousands of other Kiwis today, ah, the ladies behind me will be, ah, testament to the fact that you can ride and have fun as well.
(Tamati Coffey)

The mayor of Auckland City turned up and was interviewed on TV.
He also gave us a lecture about bike safety.

Good to see you all here. Hope you’re having a great breakfast. And I hope you’re staying safe.
Running red lights is for the mugs. Please don’t do it and please encourage your friends not to do it. I don’t lecture you because you do it, I only tell you because you’re part of the cycling fraternity. And when you’re at a red light and stop and wait and are law-abiding, then those delinquents that are coming through can clearly see that you are role model leaders in the biking fraternity. So thank you for that.
(John Banks)

And the mayor even made a promise.

And next year … let me make a promise … unless it’s very, very wet, I’ll rock up on the bike.

Part of the event was a commuter challenge.

This year the, the contestants in it are, ah, all members of the Ponsonby Premiers Rugby team. So it will be good to see how their big thighs go on those bikes.

Well congratulations, you’re the first commuter in, in the commuter challenge and you’ve beaten the car, so you’ve done very well, give him a round of applause.

So maybe from now on you’ll, you’ll be going by bike?
Um, not too sure about that, aye. Ha ha.
Just say yes.
Yeah, I will, I will.
OK, great, excellent, so yes, we’ve got a positive answer there, that’s great.

And there was another challenge to see who could stand on their pedals for the longest.

All, ah, chrome lugs and everything. I’m just admiring his gear, not admiring his rear, although he is presenting, ah, quite a good view for John and I.

Yeah, but still he’s stopped at the red, that’s more important.

That’s the important thing. He’s stopped at the red, good on him. And, ah, just, ah, just quietly, he’s boring us all now. Um …

3,2,1… yay!

How was that? More than 54? 3.4!


mug - a stupid or gullible person; a hoodlum or thug
rock up - arrive
rear - buttocks


Free coffee thanks to Sierra Coffee

Free bike check thanks to: Adventure Cycles

Cycle Action Auckland

Bike Wise

Safe T Shell

Urban Bicycles


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