Saturday, November 22, 2008

#894 ESL Video – Present Continuous

Show 894 Saturday 22 November
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He’s cleaning a shoe.
She’s playing tennis.
They’re queuing.
They’re riding on a rollercoaster.
He’s falling out the window.
He’s playing golf.
He’s crying.
She’s watching TV.
He’s smoking.
He’s drilling.
She’s talking on the phone.
He’s getting a massage.
She’s holding some books.
She’s crying.
They’re talking on the phone.
He’s escaping.
She’s buying a ticket.
She’s dreaming.
They’re dreaming.
They’re getting married.
He’s driving.
He’s rowing.
He’s throwing a rock.
He’s sleeping.
He’s doing a wheelie.
They’re flying.
They’re drinking.
He’s voting.
He’s leaving.
She’s dancing.
He’s skateboarding.
He’s drinking coffee.
He’s giving a speech.
He’s crying.
He’s listening to water.
She’s counting.
They’re eating.
They’re getting married.
They’re arguing.
They’re talking.

* All the photos used in today's show are from STICK NEWS, shows 800-900.

He’s cleaning a shoe. 802
She’s playing tennis. 803
They’re queuing. 804
They’re riding on a rollercoaster. 804
He’s falling out the window. 812
He’s playing golf. 813
He’s crying. 814
She’s watching TV. 814
He’s smoking. 820
He’s drilling. 822
She’s talking on the phone. 822
He’s getting a massage. 830
She’s holding some books. 833
She’s crying. 835
They’re talking on the phone. 837
He’s escaping. 841
She’s buying a ticket. 842
She’s dreaming. 842
They’re dreaming. 842
They’re getting married. 843
He’s driving. 847
He’s rowing. 848
He’s throwing a rock. 848
He’s sleeping. 851
He’s doing a wheelie. 861
They’re flying. 868
They’re drinking. 870
He’s voting. 876
He’s leaving. 878
She’s dancing. 878
He’s skateboarding. 879
He’s drinking coffee. 883
He’s giving a speech. 884
He’s crying. 885
He’s listening to water. 886
She’s counting. 889
They’re eating. 890
They’re getting married. 891
They’re arguing. 891
They’re talking. 893


Present continuous (also called present progressive)


show start
artist: Boom Tschak
album: Indietronic CCBit.
track: More Chocolate, Please
from: Former Yugoslavia

artist: Zeropage
album: Ambient Pills Update
track: City Flight
from: Switzerland
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

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