Saturday, October 20, 2007

Show 535 Saturday 20 October

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When did you learn how to make a Chinese knot?
Four years ago.

Who taught you?
My friends.

Was it easy to learn?
Ah, it’s easy to understand how to make it, but it’s very hard to remember the process.

How long does it usually take to make one Chinese knot?
Ah, maybe 20 minutes.

What do you call it in Chinese?
In Chinese, it’s 中國结. Yes. 中國 means China. And 结 means knot.

Do many people in China know how to make them?
No, because it’s so difficult so just ... little people know how to make it.

How do you use them in China?
Ah, we always hang it on the wall, or on bag, or so on. And some people always make it like some mobile phone hangings, or some earrings and so many things.

What do they mean?
Ah, have so many meanings, like harmonious and double lucky and the live forever and so fourth.


Chinese knot (Wikipedia)


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