Thursday, March 04, 2010

#1186 NZ Vs Australia Cricket Ads, Child Directs Traffic At JFK, Loon, Movies In Parks

Show 1186 Thursday 4 March
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

The video we’re studying today is an advertisement for a cricket game.
The other day I saw an ad on the back of a bus which I thought was pretty funny.

It says: Missed the bus? Just catch the subway.
Making Australia’s players feel welcome.

And I looked up the ad online and it turns out there’s a whole series of print and video ads like that.

And the theme is giving Australian players bad advice, disguised as friendly advice. It’s stuff that sounds like it could be true and you might not know that it’s not true if you’ve never been to New Zealand before. For example you might not know that there is no subway in New Zealand.

To understand these ads you need to know that there’s a friendly rivalry between Australia and New Zealand – especially with sports. I guess that most neighbouring countries have some kind of rivalry going on. But it’s often quite serious. And I think these ads are evidence of the fact that the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand is pretty friendly and something that we can joke about.

And one of the video ads – well I guess it was on TV first, but I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it on TV - anyway, it goes like this:

Hello Australian cricket team. It’s important to keep hydrated, so if you get thirsty during a game, we suggest you suck a kumara – the world’s richest source of hydrating fluids.

Kumara is the New Zealand word for sweet potato – this is a golden kumara – and it’s obviously not the world’s richest source of hydrating fluids.


JKF Airport is an international airport in the New York.
The air traffic is usually directed by adults.
But last month one of the air traffic controllers bought their son to work and let him direct traffic.
The boy was recorded talking to pilots from major commercial airlines.
Apparently none of them seemed to question the authority of a child air traffic controller.
But the authorities are not impressed.

And that was Stick News for Thursday the 4th of March.
Kia ora.

This way please!

Fly between the big fluffy could and the bird!

He makes more sense than his dad!
Totally, dude!

Word of the Day

Today’s word is loon.

A loon is a silly or foolish person.

The Onion has just released a video with this title:

How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?

conversations with sarah
#754 Have you seen that one before?

Step 1: Read Aaron’s lines.
Step 2: Repeat Aaron’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Aaron Did you go to the movie last night?

Sarah Yeah, I did.

Aaron How was the weather up there?

Sarah It was good. It was a beautiful day. Yeah, we were really lucky this time cause we were supposed to go and see a movie last month but it rained so we didn’t get to go which was disappointing.

Aaron What movie was on last night?

Sarah Ah, Goodbye Pork Pie.

Aaron Oh yeah. Have you seen that one before?

Sarah No, it was the first time I’d seen it.

Aaron What did you think?

Sarah It was awesome. So funny.




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