Saturday, February 24, 2007

#297 My First Video Blog - YouTube Remix

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1. ShadowedAngel87
Hi, um, I guess (sigh) you could call this my first blog.

2. PerfectlyBimbo
Hi, this is my first web log. Um, I’ve decided to make one basically through boredom.

3. sociallyxtragic
Hello, my name is Jackie, aka Jackie Catastrophe, that’s my MySpace name. Um, this is my very first video blog.

4. nanaosaki4
Ah, this is my first video blog, so ... go easy on me he he he.

5. trixiepixiedixie
OK, this is my very first video for YouTube. Um, I don’t really know what to say, because it’s kind of weird talking to myself.

6. SweetLiss
So, basically, I never thought I’d be doing a video blog. Because, in the beginning, um, I thought it was cheesy. But now I really think I like it. And, I’m going to do one anyway, so ...

7. armywife122703
OK, so, this is my first video blog. I’ve ... not really planned anything ... but, um, I just really wanted something to put on YouTube other than little family videos.

8. jtyaung
So this is me. After seeing some other’s video blogs, I thought I’d follow suit and try and be as cool as them.

9. donna555pink
Hi, my name is Donna and this is my first video blog. Um, let’s see ... yay, my first video blog, finally!

10. madfudge
Hello, I’m Sandy and this is gonna be my first video blog. I just thought I’d try it.
I’ve been on YouTube for a very long time now and I’ve always wanted to make one.

11. paeshe2
OK, this is my very first video with an actual video camera. And ... yeah.

12. GingerSnappd
Alright YouTube, this is, like, my fourth attempt to make my damn video blog. It’s my first one too, fuck.

13. kyles666
Today is the 3rd of August 2006. It’s half nine in the morning. I’ve just got out of bed, so I’ve got my dressing gown on. It’s my first video blog. First video blog. First, first video blog.

14. Ifilmhammers
Hey Guys what’s up, my name’s James. Ah, this is my first YouTube vlog. Video blog for those of you who don’t know.

15. pjohn
Um, this will be my first video blog for MySpace, so... Cause I’m tired of typing things out and I want you to see it visually.

16. blmarzk
Hey guys, what’s up, my name’s Brandon and this is my first YouTube blog video.

17. LaSlut
OK, here goes nothing. What’s up, YouTube. My name’s Dan and this is my first video log.

18. abbington12
So, I decided I wanted to try and do a video blog, I guess. So here’s is my first entry.

19. CKYrock2006
OK, so I’m making a blog and this is my first blog. Um ...

20. VampireLoveHussy
Video blog. Hi, I’m Cassie. Um, this is my first video blog and it might not last, because, personally, I’m not a big fan of video blogs.

21. imaginaryjenn89
This is my first time video blogging. I was intrigued by it. Actually, I only just started watching video blogs a few days ago because I was using YouTube and looking for music videos and stuff ... I don’t even know what I was doing. But, I found a few that were really interesting, um ...

22. thederekeffect1
Hi guys, welcome to my first video blog. I don’t want to make this too much about me, so today we’re going to talk to filthywhore.

23. RedHeadEd82179
This is my first video log, so I really don’t know what to talk about. I’ve never done this before.

24. noobatlife
Hey, how’s it going. This is my first video blog. I’m some guy from Australia.

25. kingamaan
Ah, it’s my first video blog. So, if it sucks, give me a break I guess.

26. martydukes
So, this is Marty Dukes, and this is my first V log or as I like to call it, vlog.

27. Mistercharming
Well, hello everyone out there. Ah, I just thought I would make my contribution to MySpace and YouTube all at the same time.

28. canadiangeek
Hi YouTube, my name is Chris, ah, also known as canadiangeek here on YouTube. Ah, this is my first official vlog, blog, web log ... whatever you want to call it. I personally call it a vlog or a video log.

29. YuSnYaT
This is a very, this is a random ending to a first blog um vlog um random thoughts, random thoughts, random thoughts.


thegreatkhan is listed in the credits - but his clip somehow disappeared during the editing process - so he's not actually in it.