Sunday, March 18, 2007

#318 How To Wax A Snowboard

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How to wax a snowboard

Put the board upside down on some blocks.
If you're left-handed like Koji the nose should be on your left and the tail on your right.
Wipe the board with a cloth.
You should wear gloves so you don't cut your hands on the edges of the snowboard.
There are different kinds of wax for different temperatures.
This one is for warmer temperatures.
This one is for colder temperatures.
And this one is all-temperatures.
Koji decided to use the all-temperature wax.
First apply the wax by rubbing it against the board like this.
For the second coat, hold the wax against the iron to melt it a bit then rub it against the board again.
Koji said some people apply the wax by holding the wax against the iron and letting it drip on the board. But he said that way can damage the base of the board and it also
wastes wax.
He said that when he went to Canada the only people waxing the same way as him were Japanese people - so maybe it's a Japanese thing.
Then get some special wax paper and press the iron against the paper while pulling it along the board.
The purpose is to melt the wax and make it seep inside the tiny holes in the base.
Extra wax and dirt comes off on the paper.
After you've finished putting the wax on leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes.
Then get a scraper. Hold the scraper with both hands like this and scrape the wax off
from the back of the board to the front.
On the nose or tail you can use the narrow side of the scraper.
When the edge of the scraper gets blunt sharpen it with sandpaper.
After scraping the wax off, brush the board to make the surface smooth.
First use a hard brush.
Then use a soft brush.
Then use another brush to get rid of any random bits of wax that might be
stuck on the board.
And that's it.