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Show 809 Wednesday 30 July

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Day 1

iSummit was held at the Sapporo Convention Center. I was really impressed with the venue.

On the morning of day 1, we went to the Press Conference.

Creative Commons is managing the technical and legal protocol, so that all the content pieces can interoperate. What iSummit and iCommons is, is the explosion of innovation in academia and business and government that is happening right now.
Joi Ito
Creative Commons, CEO

It’s really important for us to have a time where we get together face to face and discuss some of the issues that we’re facing in our countries. And then really to connect on a global level, to start discussing what we can do to collaborate with one another.
Heather Ford
iCommons South Africa, Executive Director

We are extremely happy to host the iCommons Summit 20(0)8, which is the first time ever held in Asia. We count over 35 different countries. We have over 200 more participants from overseas, plus 150 to 200 Japanese local attendees expected this time. So we have almost 500 people attending this conference for four days.
Chikara Inoue
City of Sapporo, Director General

After that we went to the first meeting of the Education track. The first session was introductions and goal setting. We got put into groups and introduced our projects and our problems. The Daily English Show faces many, many challenges, so it wasn’t hard to think of something to say.

At the end the small groups reported back to the big group and stuff was written on the board. I wasn’t quite sure what the point was but I enjoyed listening to everyone talking about their projects.

The idea is that we set up a university-like social networking system where people interested in similar topics come and they learn together and we figure out ways how … for that learning we can give accreditation.
Philipp Schmidt

A new public school in the US in the state of Utah, that’s completely online, grades 9 through 12 - it’s high school. And in the chartering documents for the school we’ve made a commitment to only use open educational resources.
David Wiley
Open High School of Utah

So we’ve developed sort of a tool kit – and I’m not explaining it very well – but it, it walks projects through kind of a circular process of conducting their own internal research and then incorporating that back into their practices.
Cynthia Jimes

If you have content and you would like to put it into a platform where it’s accessible to everybody, we offer that.
Joel Thierstein

So that’s why we want to educate people about how to use web standards.
Andreas Bovens
Opera Web Standards Curriculum

My company is … focused on learning science to help people learn information faster than they could do it themselves.
Kenneth Young

My goal is to convince this committee that it has to be an OER.
Jaroslaw Lipszic
Polish library project (Wolne Lektury)

In the afternoon we went to a session about DIY video which was basically just a screening of a whole lot of remix videos. The introduction was quite interesting. I’d never heard of slashing before.

basically involves defining boy-boy, ah, male-male romantic relationships between characters. So think Starsky and Hutch, Batman and Robin, Kirk/Spock … so these are videos that are edited in order to make those implicit homosocial and homosexual narratives explicit.
Mimi Ito

After that was a short break and then it was time for the afternoon Keynote speeches.

One result of the fact that you can copy with glee is there’s a very open creative process that goes on in fashion design.
Johanna Blakley
Ready to Share: Fashion and the Commons

Don’t forget there will always be those cannot be convinced - those who won’t share willingly. Help them share. Use the tools we’re developing to enforce the norms of sharing on those who won’t. When you do, you will push the law forward, it will respond, fair use will expand further and become a better and better tool for protecting the creative freedom that brings us all together here today.
Anthony Falzone
Expanind Boundaries of Fair Use
Protetction Under US Copyright Law

Some languages will try to woo rich and intellectual people to switch to them. The tabloid press will follow this very closely. David Beckham would be paid five million dollars for learning to speak Portugese. So very poor people, especially in the global south would subsist on three or fewer words a day. The World Bank would draw a linguistic poverty line of one word of American English a day and report how many people lived beneath it.
Erin McKean (Erin McKean at Wikipedia)
Language as a Commons

In the evening there was a reception hosted by the Mayor of Sapporo.
And after that there was an event organized by Digital Garage.
I was stoked I finally got to see Oki Dub – I’ve been listening to their CDs for a while and I really wanted to see them perform live.

Unfortunately, we were exhausted from summiting all day and had to leave before the end.

I had a great Day 1 … the speeches and sessions were interesting … but the best part was all the interesting people I talked to between the sessions.


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