Saturday, June 14, 2008

Show 763 Saturday 14 June

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The other day I went for a walk.
I walked out the door and turned left.
I walked past some flowers.
I listened to a podcast.
I waited for the green man.
I walked past some more flowers and some snowmen.
I saw some interesting tiles on the footpath.
I walked over the train tracks and through the park.
I saw a little concrete river and some park benches with wheels.
I saw some public toilets. I walked right through them and out the other side.
There was a big sports centre and a mountain.
I saw some snow and a cool place to have a picnic.
I saw a very stylish tree.
I walked up some stairs and over a bridge.
I saw a star.
I walked past a pile of tires and some purple flowers.
I saw a sign which said YES. And another one which said Cleaning Empire.
I walked past some tomatoes and strawberries and the Kutchan crossroads bus stop.
The time was 4:41.
Or was it?


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