Thursday, November 08, 2007

Show 553 Wednesday 7 November

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Back to Japan 2007
Day 12: Kutchan

So we’re back in Kutchan, where it’s always 4:41 according to this clock.

And it’s 242 days to the Hokkaido Toyako Summit.

I keep calling this place the Shiyakusho. But it’s not, it’s the Yakuba.

Desk number 1, Alien Registration.

There are 15,699 people in Kutchan.

This is a poster about that summit. The hottest summit in Cool Hokkaido.

The minimum wage in Hokkaido is 654 yen an hour.

Here’s a poster teaching Australian English. よろしくお願いします means please. Well ...

This is one of Kutchan’s characters. His name is Mirai-kun and his nickname is Snopiiii. Wow, I lived here for a whole season and I didn’t realize he had a name.

St Moritz is 8979 kilometres away. That’s always good to know.

Nine degrees.

The Japanese flag on top of the police station.

Hokkaido, Sapporo, Homen Kutchan Keisatsu Sho

Traffic Safety Kutchan.
Don’t get on a car if you drink.
OK ...

Here’s that guy again. 1 million yen reward.

This is where FM Niseko used to be. They went bankrupt a couple of months ago.

There are some nice shops in Kutchan like Boom, Cocoroya ...
This café is owned by an American monk.

I like M Pocket. They sell some nice wine.

The information centre has moved.

Seikomart. Long time no see.


よろしくお願いします has many meanings, depending on the context, so it is odd to translate it as "please".