Saturday, February 27, 2010

#1181 The Datsuns At Nixon Park, Auckland, NZ

Show 1181 Saturday 27 February
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Today I went to check out a free concert which was in a park in Auckland called Nixon Park.
It was a really hot sunny day and there were quite a few people there.

There was coffee for sale, but people seemed to be more interested in other beverages.

I saw kids on bikes and scooters and other kids shooting hoops, a guy flying a kite, police officers.

A band called The Datsuns was playing. I'd never heard of them ... but they seemed to be pretty popular.

They didn't really look like daytime people and they said as much.

You know I felt pretty apprehensive about playing during the day. It always feels kind of like out of our element. But, ah, I have thrust that aside and, ah, we shall go on.

I thought the stage was pretty cool - it folded out from a truck.

There were signs by the stage saying: Auckland City Council, putting it on for you.
It reminded me of the campaign we saw at an event two weeks ago: Get It On.

But they weren't talking about the same thing, of course.

Nixon Park, Auckland, New Zealand

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