Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Show 138 Monday 18 September

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.
So, I have another video to recommend today, it’s by a YouTuber called gpert. His videos are great, they’re really funny.
And the one I recommend watching in particular is called “Re: Haters EXPOSED! You will be surprised!"
And to understand this video, you need to understand this: attention span.
Attention span is a noun which means: The length of time during which a person can concentrate on a subject or idea.
So, this video is a video response to another video called “Haters EXPOSED! You will be surprised!”
And gpert’s point is that he agreed with that video but it was too long because it was almost 20 minutes and he has a short attention span.
I recommend you check out his other videos too, they’re all really good. Like his latest one, which is called “Old Fart’s Blog”.
Old fart means old person. Another similar word is old fogy.


Kia Ora. In Stick News today, a cheerleader who was fired for an inappropriate hug, has won her job back.

This woman is a cheerleader for a basketball team.
The team was having a media event, and it was the cheerleaders’ job to welcome the media.
When a TV presenter arrived, who was a friend of one of the cheerleaders, she got excited and gave him a koala-style hug.
She wrapped both her legs and arms around her friend. In a regular hug legs usually remain on the ground.
Management were not impressed with her hugging style – and fired her.
"Their role was to welcome everyone that came in. The way she did it wasn't appropriate,” they said.
"There are other ways to welcome a friend at a work function."
Then, for some reason, they changed their mind. And, instead of being fired, she now has an official warning.

The team is now planning to publish a hugging guide for new cheerleaders. And that was Stick News for Monday the 17th of September.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
# 90 Don’t you wear a wetsuit?

Eri and Sarah talk about surfing.
Step 1: Repeat Eri’s lines.
Step 2: Read Eri’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Eri How’s the surfing going?

Sarah Good. I keep getting attacked by jellyfish though. Check this out.

Eri Ow. That looks painful.

Sarah Mmm, yeah, it’s really itchy.

Eri Don’t you wear a wetsuit?

Sarah No, I don’t have one. I’m thinking of getting one though. One with long sleeves.

Eri And what’s that bruise from?

Sarah Oh, this? Mmm, that’s from wiping out. The rail banged against my arm.


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Today's news.

Script for Re: Haters EXPOSED! You will be surprised!
by gpert

Hello, this is in response to Renetto’s haters video. Ah, Renetto, I agree with you a hundred percent about the haters, um, in the first couple of minutes of the video. But ah it was nineteen minutes long and honestly my attention span is, is not that um, is not that um ...
Wow, I’d forgotten I had that book.