Sunday, March 28, 2010

#1210 Hot Cross Buns

Show 1210 Sunday 28 March
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Sunday Kitchen #160 Hot Cross Buns

I thought I’d try making some hot cross buns … but I couldn’t really be bothered so I bought some from the supermarket instead.

Hot cross buns are supposed to have raisins in them … but these ones didn’t for some reason. I guess they’re for the people who don’t like raisins.

I wanted to heat them up in the toaster because I think it uses less power than the oven. But they didn’t fit, unfortunately.

Sadly, I left the buns in the oven too long and I burnt them. Oops. And my second attempt wasn’t much better.

But third time lucky, I managed to finally heat up a hot cross bun without burning it.
It tasted OK I guess, but it just wasn’t the same without the raisins.


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