Saturday, August 14, 2010

#1273 Saturday Tweets

Show 1273 Saturday 14 August
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Saturday morning and it's raining out. I slept in today.
Just woke up not that long ago. What are your plans?

I don't care how cold it is. I had a banana smoothie for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS.
Now I need gloves to warm my freezing cold hands.

I love my lime-green coffee mug. I love my coffee even more. Good morning.

lol I love reading comments on Youtube haha some of them are hilarious!

This is a nice little story:)

Ugh. Some people are just so stupid.

That article carries no comment from the Commission, is full of downright lies and hyperbole! Lazy, lazy journalism.


Just visited my grandmother. She fell yesterday & now looks like she got in a bar fight. She's feeling fine, though.

just looked at loads of old photos god i miss the good old days:[

picked some flowers

today I ate a handful of almonds and a burrito for lunch.

i hate washing the dishes but i guess i have to do it ugh!!!

I made the best banana nut muffins everrr!

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