Saturday, March 31, 2007

Show 332 Saturday 31 March

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I had great plans for Shutdown Day. But ... I wasn't feeling so good becauseI went out the night before. I went to a bar called Fatty's. Apparently they didn't do so well this year and they're not going to open next year. So this was their last night ever. Fatty's is a bar inside two trucks.
After Fatty's we went to Jam Bar.
On Shutdown Day the computer was shutdown and so was my body. I spent most of the day lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I recovered sometime in the afternoon and in the evening went out to meet some friends at Loaf. They happened to be having a jembe night.
The day after Shutdown day I did some of what I was planning to do on shutdown day. We went shopping at the second hand stop and found a few interesting things like this clock.
I wanted to make some art so I bought some material and some nails.I made a frame and nailed the material to it for canvas.
The canvas has been blank all week because I couldn't decide what to paint. Today I finally decided on birds.