Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Show 504 Wednesday 19 September

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today’s mistake comes from a student of mine from Brazil. As you may know I teach English online. And so far all my students have been from Japan and Brazil.
I have never been to Brazil so it’s really cool having students from there – I get to learn a bit about the place. And also learn a bit about Portuguese – because people’s mistakes often come from the fact that that’s how you say it in your native language.

So one of things my student said was, normal. He said this when I asked him things like: How was your weekend? or How was work today?
He would answer, mmm, normal. And so I told him, in English it’s strange to answer normal, instead you could say, OK or alright or the same as usual.
And then he explained that the reason why he made that mistake is because that’s how they say it in Portuguese.
And I thought, “oh, that’s interesting”, because it’s similar to Japanese.
Normal in Japanese is futsu – and you can use that word to reply to questions sometimes to mean OK or alright.


Kia Ora in Stick News today, a woman climbed onto a sumo ring. A Japanese newspaper reported it was the first time ever a woman had stood on a dohyo.

Sumo is a Japanese sport in which two fat men try to push each other out of a ring, called a dohyo.
Women are not allowed inside the dohyo.
But today at Ryogoku Kokugikan, for no apparent reason, a woman climbed on stage at a sumo tournament.
She was holding pieces of paper with writing on them, including one which said, “help me!”
The judge, a former sumo wrestler, promptly pulled the woman from the stage.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 19th of September.
Kia Ora.

Do you use myPantry?

Um, every once in a while. Um, I like even just getting a few things out of the fridge they have there. Especially the soymilk.

No, I live off campus.

MyPantry, I do, I do. I’ve cooked the pasta and I like to make breakfast in the morning sometimes.

No, I don’t. I live off campus.

Yes. I usually use the blender to make smoothies. And sometimes they have pasta there, that was really good. Especially they had nothing really I liked that day. So ... And for breakfast, the waffles, they’re pretty good.

Ah, I haven’t yet. But I saw it.
I do use myPantry. Quite a bit actually.

conversations with sarah
#311 Do you like sumo?

Step 1: Repeat Charles’s lines.
Step 2: Read Charles’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Charles Do you like sumo?

Sarah Mmm. Yeah, it’s kind of interesting. I just don’t think it’s that … inspiring.

Charles What do you mean?

Sarah It’s so unhealthy.

Charles Why?

Sarah Why? Because they’re so fat. It’s not healthy to be that fat. They die really young.

Charles Lots of sports are dangerous though.

Sarah Yeah, true. It’s different though.

Charles How is it different?

Sarah Well, there’s usually a risk that you’ll get badly injured or that you’ll die in a sports accident, but the people that don’t have an accident are fine. But with sumo, pretty much all of the wrestlers will have bad health later on I think.


myPantry is a part of Acadia's meal hall. In myPantry, ingredients and utentils are provided and students can cook for themselves.

I talked about myPantry in Show 501.

STICK NEWS in Show 495 was about Acadia's meal hall.

Read more about dining at Acadia University.

Acadia's video about myPantry.


today's news (Japanese only)
also here
a video clip of the incident

today's STICK NEWS pictures


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