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Show 633 Tuesday 5 February

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Hi I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

I’m going to talk about Pulp Fiction again today. Sorry if you’re sick of it but I just think it’s such a great movie to study because there’s so much great dialogue in it.

One line I think is funny is when Mia and Vincent come home after going out together and Vincent says: I'm gonna take a piss.
And then Mia says: That’s a little bit more information than I needed Vince, but go right ahead.

* Watch these lines here. From :48

When you are going to urinate or take a piss, you usually don’t say it as directly as that.

It is more polite to say something more indirect. And it depends on the country what the most polite thing to say is, but you can say things like: Excuse me, I’m going to use the toilet. Or the loo, or the bathroom.

And because everybody knows that it’s more polite to be indirect, some people are direct on purpose to show that they’re close enough friends not to have to worry about being polite or to show how tough they are not to follow the rules of acceptable language. So a teenage boy might say to his friends: I’m going to go take a shit. But he probably wouldn’t say the same thing to his teacher.

Another scene I like is with two characters called Fabienne and Butch talking about a pot belly.

Pot has several meanings. This is a pot. And pot is also an informal word for marijuana – but that’s not what they’re talking about in this scene. They’re talking about a pot belly.
Fabienne is basically saying that she wants to be pregnant because she thinks having a pot belly is sexy.

This is how it goes.

Fabienne: I was looking at myself in the mirror.
Butch: Uh-huh?
Fabienne: I wish I had a pot.
Butch: You were looking in the mirror and you wish you had some pot?
Fabienne: A pot. A pot belly. Pot bellies are sexy.
Butch: Well you should be happy, 'cause you do.
Fabienne: Shut up, Fatso! I don't have a pot! I have a bit of a tummy, like Madonna when she did Lucky Star, it's not the same thing.
Butch: I didn't realize there was a difference between a tummy and a pot belly.
Fabienne: The difference is huge.

* Watch the Madonna Lucky Star video here.

As she says, there’s a difference between a bit of a tummy and a pot belly – a pot belly is a lot bigger.

Another word for a big belly is beer belly or a beer gut.

a man’s very fat stomach, caused by drinking a lot of beer over a long period – except that I don’t think it’s just the beer ... it’s the junk food and the lack of exercise too.

Anyway, today’s conversation is the part in Pulp Fiction about divine intervention.

Divine is an adjective which means: coming from or connected with God or a god.
It can also mean just wonderful.
Like, this coffee is divine.

And Divine intervention means: help from God to change or improve a situation.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today the President of France has married a former model less than three months after they first met.

Nicolas was born in 1955. He got married in 1982 and had two sons.
In 1984, Nicolas conducted a wedding at a town hall in the town where he was the mayor. The bride was Cecilia, a former model and a PR executive the groom was a TV host.
In 1988, Cecilia left her husband and went to live with Nicolas.
In 1996, Nicolas divorced his first wife and married Cecilia. They had one child.
In 2005 Cecilia had a yearlong affair with Richard, an events organizer.
Meanwhile, Nicolas had an affair with a journalist called Anne.
In 2006, when Nicolas started campaigning to become the French president, Cecilia returned to her husband.
Nicolas became president in May 2007. Nicola and Cecilia divorced in October.
In December the president was spotted at Disneyland in Paris with a singer and ex-model
called Carla.
On Saturday, they got married.
Carla is a 40-year-old from Italy. This is her first marriage. Her former lovers include
Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and Donald Trump.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 5th of February.
Kia Ora

in Hirafu

with Adrian from NGS

Where are you from?
Ah, Sydney, Australia.

How long have you been in Niseko?
Ah, since the end of November. I’m here for the season. I’m here working.

What’s your job?
I work as a ski guide.

How many times have you come to Niseko?
Ah, this is my third time to Niskeo.

Are you going to come back next season?
Most likely.

conversations with sarah
#385 This was divine intervention.

* Watch this conversation here. Starts from 2:15

Step 1: Repeat Vincent’s lines.
Step 2: Read Vincent’s lines and talk to Jules.

Jules We should be fuckin' dead, man.

Vincent I know, we was lucky.

Jules No, no, no, no. That shit wasn't luck.

Vincent Yeah, maybe.

Jules This was divine intervention. You know what divine intervention is?

Vincent I think so. That means that God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullets.

Jules That’s right. That's exactly what it means! God came down from Heaven and stopped these motherfucking bullets.

Vincent I think it’s time for us to leave Jules.

Jules Don't do that! Don't fuckin’ blow this shit off! What just happened here was a fuckin' miracle!

Vincent Chill, Jules, this shit happens.

Jules Wrong, wrong, this shit doesn't just happen.

Vincent Do you wanna continue this theological discussion in the car, or in the
jailhouse with the cops?

Jules We should be fuckin' dead, my friend! We happened here was a miracle and I want you to fuckin' acknowledge it!

Vincent Alright it was a miracle, can we go now?


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