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#1100 TDES Moving Announcement + Thank You, Final Show Before Summer Break

Show 1100 Friday 24 July
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today is our one thousand one hundredth show and it’s our last show before we take a break and relocate our studio to another country.

And today I’m finally going to tell you where we’re going.

We are going to a small island - well a group of islands - in the South Pacific called Aotearoa, otherwise known as New Zealand.

We’re planning to set up studio tdes in Auckland which is in the North Island and it’s the biggest city in New Zealand. I’m looking forward to living in a city again. And the reason why I want to live in Auckland is partly because my grandmother lives there and I really want to hang out with her again … and also I have other family and friends who live there that I love. Well, I don’t know how many friends I still have because I haven’t been very good at keeping in touch … but some of them might still remember me.

And another reason why I want to live in Auckland is that there’s more of a mixture of people there than in other parts of New Zealand and that’s something that I missed living in Japan.

So we’re taking a few months off because of course we need to pack up and move and then find a place to live in New Zealand and I need to find a job … well, of course this is my full-time job and I’ll still be doing that in New Zealand … but I still need to so something else part time to survive.

So the next show will be on Monday the 2nd of November. But, before you start sobbing uncontrollably … because it’s such a long break and because there are a few videos that I really want to make before I leave Japan, we’re going to upload a few summer special shows over the break.

One of them is a video I’ve been planning with my new bike. I didn’t tell you, but The Daily English Show won a bike a few weeks ago from Watch Me TV, that’s one of the Japanese sites that we upload to, so that was very exciting. And I’ve been planning a video to show off the new bike, but it’s been raining forever and I’m still waiting for a sunny day.

So that’ll be one of the summer specials. And also we’ve been invited to Kyoto to film a swimming race down there. So we’ll be going down there at the end of August and then we’ll be making a video of that event and also of that trip and we’ll be doing a few other videos of summer in Japan.

And we’ll probably film a bit of our trip moving to New Zealand and I’ll show you that once I arrive. And maybe tell you about my culture shock that I’ll no doubt have when I arrive back in New Zealand.

So that’s about all I have to say about our plans. And now I’d just like to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful support. Since we started in 2006, people have shown their support for The Daily English Show in many different ways … by emailing, leaving comments, by becoming a member, by subscribing to The Daily English Show channel on YouTube or by becoming a friend on one of the social networking sites that we belong to.

By the way, if you’ve added me as a friend somewhere and I haven’t accepted, it’s not because I don’t want to be friends, it’s just because I haven’t got around to it. I know some people have been adding me on Facebook but I just haven’t got around to logging in and accepting people. But I’m planning to start using Facebook over the break, so feel free to add me and I actually set up a group (for The Daily English Show) the other day, well a couple of weeks ago, out of curiosity, and I was surprised to find that some people have already joined it.

So thank you again for all your support.

And thank you also to the Japanese websites we upload to: Watch Me TV, PeeVee.TV and eyeVio – they’ve all been really supportive of The Daily English Show and we really appreciate that. And of course we’re not going to stop uploading to those sites just because we’re leaving Japan. In fact, not a lot will change with The Daily English Show from the viewers’ perspective. Of course, the content might change a little bit … we won’t be interviewing so many ski instructors and we won’t so much footage of snow – or any for that matter, living in Auckland.

And this is not goodbye forever to Japan, we’re planning to come back to produce the show here again at some point. I loved living in Tokyo and I’d really love to live there again. And if we get the chance I’d like to come back and visit Niseko again too.

Thank you so much to the people who have supported us here in Niseko. Being a ski resort, many people in this area are interested in skiing and snowboarding of course and property development, so it was kind of hard finding people that were interested in an educational show. But despite that many people were really supportive and helped us a lot so we really appreciate that.

Thank you very much to the businesses here in Niseko who have supported us:

Saison Club
Loaf Lounge
Scott Adventure Sports
Powder Company
Niseko Annupuri

And a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to be a guest on the show – you guys rock. I love having guests on the show ... I think it really ads a lot to the show and it’s great to be able to listen to English spoken by a variety of people in a variety of accents.

And special thanks to Haya-san, who is probably our number 1 fan here in Niseko.

Special thanks also to Miho who was our first guest. She was really the one that got the ball rolling. When we met her and she found out about what we were doing, she was like: “Use me, I’ll come on the show and be a guest.” And I was like, “OK, wow, that’s a great idea.” And it went really well and so we decided to continue having guests.

And finally one more thank you … these just came in the mail … I’m not sure if you can see them properly, but Reiko made us some hand made stamps …thank you so much, they’re very cool, I love them. So the next people that become members this month will be getting a note from me stamped with some very stylish tdes stamps.

And speaking of sending stuff … because we’re moving, we’re going to have to get rid of most of our stuff like furniture, which I’m not really that sad about because I’m not particularly attached to anything. The only thing I am really sad about saying goodbye to, is this yellow couch. I really love this couch. So I had an idea, if anyone who lives in Japan wants this couch I would love to give it to you, you just have to pay for the delivery cost or come and pick it up if you live in the area. I think it would be cool if a fan of The Daily English Show wanted to become the new owner of this stylish yellow couch. You’ll be able to have the couch, probably at the end of September. Before then we still have a couple of interviews to do, which we’ll be using once we get to New Zealand.

So thanks again for watching. Please keep in touch and I’ll see you in New Zealand. Bye.

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