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#1134 New Year Holiday On Aotea / Great Barrier Island Part 1

Show 1134 Monday 11 January 2010
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I spent New Year's this year on an island in New Zealand called Aotea or Great Barrier Island.
My boyfriend and I stayed with my aunty and uncle, my cousin and my cousin's cousin.
There are several ways to get to the island from Auckland.
We chose the cheapest and slowest way - going by a ferry called SeaLink.

The ferry was due to leave at 7am from the Viaduct Harbour so we arrived at quarter to 6.
It was the 29th of December and the ferry was packed.
I'd been warned that the service was basic but it still surprised me just how basic it actually was.

The trip out today's probably going to take around about four hours and twenty minutes.
We're a quarter of an hour, quarter of an hour late leaving.
We should be in Tryphena before 12 o'clock.

The weather wasn't so great, so we spent most of the time sleeping in the rooms they
describe on their website as "movie theatres".

We got to the island in one piece.
Apparently the cargo on these ships isn't always so luckly.

My aunty picked us up and drove us about twenty minutes to the beach where we were staying - Medland's Beach.
It was an amazing place with beautiful flowers, cute insects and white sand.


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