Sunday, November 15, 2009

#1107 Hot Chips

Show 1107 Sunday 15 November 2009
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Sunday Kitchen#146 Hot Chips

When I was in Japan, a friend sent me some classic New Zealand tomato sauce and a tomato shaped tomato sauce dispenser to remind me of home.

So, before I left, I decided to eat some chips, kiwi-style.

To prepare, I went to the convenience store and bought a cheap bottle of wine and a newspaper.

Then I cut up some potatoes.

I put lots of oil in a frying pan and I deep fried the potatoes.

I put some salt on the chips and then wrapped them up in plain newsprint and a few layers of newspaper.

Then I took the chips and the wine to the balcony to create a picnic effect without the effort of actually going anywhere.

I squeezed some tomato sauce onto the paper and filled up the glasses.

The chips were too soft and I realized I didn’t cook them for long enough. So I cooked another batch and they came out much better – a lovely golden colour.

Very tasty.


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