Sunday, July 19, 2009

#1095 Hinomaru Bento

Show 1095 Sunday 19 July 2009
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Sunday Kitchen #145 Hinomaru Bento

Today I made a traditional Japanese meal called Hiromaru Bento.

The Japanese flag is called Hinomaru and a bento is a packed lunch.

To make Hinomaru Bento, first you need a plastic container. Preferably one with cute cartoon characters on it. But you can substitute a plain plastic container like this in a pinch.

Fill the container with rice using an instrument called a shamoji.

In the middle of the rice, place one umeboshi.
Put the lid on the container.
And then wait until lunch time and eat it with chopsticks.



artist: Kevin MacLeod
tracks: Future Cha Cha, Desert City
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States
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