Monday, July 13, 2009

#1089 Giveaways: ESL Books + CDs, Australian Politician’s Legs Broken And Stretched

Show 1089 Monday 13 July
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Last week I told you we had four tickets to give away to the Hanazono Kutchan Music Festival
and we didn’t get any emails about that, so we’re extending it another week – until this Sunday, which is the 19th of July. And you can find out more about that here.

Also, this month we have some books and CDs to give away, thanks to We Are Busy Beavers.
The books come with a CD which has songs and videos on it.
You can check out the Busy Beavers site here. And this is their YouTube channel.
If you teach English to children or you have kids that are learning English, then I think you’ll be interested in these books. They have some very catchy and useful songs. I talked about one of my favourite songs on the show before.

As I said, you can find out more about the member giveaways here.

And today I also wanted to say thank you to Jeff from EFL Bridges who invited me to do a live webcast last night. I was quite reluctant to do it … but I ended up really enjoying myself. And Jeff was a great host and Mike from Real English also took part – and I really enjoyed talking to him.

I’ve talked about Real English before. They’re excellent videos for studying English. This is their site and this is their YouTube channel. So go and check them out if you haven’t already.


Kia ora, in Stick News today, an Australian politician had her legs broken and stretched to become eight centimeters taller.

Hajnal Ban is a 31-year-old Australian politician.
She was born in Israel, to Hungarian parents and moved to Australia when she was a child.
She studied law and business at university in Brisbane and in 2001 became a lawyer.
A year later she went to Russia to get cosmetic surgery which is not available in Australia.
The surgery involved having her legs broken in four places and slowly stretched.
She said the whole process took about a year and at least nine months of that was excruciatingly painful.
Apparently she was unhappy about being taunted at school about her height, and thought that being taller would gain her more respect.
Before the surgery, she was 154cms tall. She’s now 162cm tall.
After the surgery she wrote a book about the experience under a pseudonym and in May this year her identity was revealed.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 13th of July.
Kia ora.

conversations with sarah
#690 What do you think of plastic surgery?

Step 1: Repeat Charlie’s lines.
Step 2: Read Charlie’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Charlie That’s insane!

Sarah The leg-stretching thing?

Charlie Yeah.

Sarah Mmmm.

Charlie What do you think of plastic surgery?

Sarah Um, I think it’s great for people who are in accidents or whatever. But that whole kind of, fake, Barbie doll kind of look doesn’t really do for me. But, you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think that people should be free to look however they want to look.

Charlie You wouldn’t think a politician would be so obsessed with their looks.

Sarah Yeah. I’d understand more if she was a model or something. But, I mean, she could have spent nine months volunteering at a homeless shelter or something if she wanted to contribute to society.

Charlie That’s not why people become politicians though …

Sarah So cynical!

Charlie Or she could have paid for counselling to get over her insecurities about her height.

Sarah Yeah, that would have been a lot cheaper. And less painful. Or she could have just moved to Asia. 154cm isn’t really unusual in Japan.

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