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#918 Nepalese Food – Swaadilo, Santa Says F Word, You Got ID? Indeed

Show 918 Tuesday 16 December
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I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

In the snow report today, we had a chat with Bhum. He’s from Nepal and he’s been in Japan for three years. He’s a rafting guide in summer and in winter he works in a Nepalese restaurant that’s just about to open. We had a quick look at it today and it looks great – I like how they’ve decorated it with prayer flags and beautiful pictures of eyes. I asked him about the pictures of the eyes and I also asked him to teach me a few words of Nepalese. I’m going to try and remember this one for when I go and eat there. Swaadilo means delicious.

In the conversation today we’re doing a scene from the movie Scent of a Woman.

This is the situation. A police officer has just stopped a man driving a car, because he was speeding. And the officer asks for his driver’s licence and registration and … well there’s two men in the car and the younger man, in the passenger seat, hands over the registration, and the officer can see that they’re test driving the car. And so he’s surprised that would be speeding when they don’t even own the car. So the officer says: What are you test-driving this baby?
This baby means this car. So, he’s saying: Are you test-driving this car? And the what at the start of that sentence just emphasizes his surprise at the fact that they’re test driving the car.

The man says he left his licence at the dealers, so the officer asks him for ID.
He says: You got ID?
This is just a shorter way of saying: Have you got ID?

In the same way, you can shorten questions like: Have you got the time? You got the time? Got the time?


Kia Ora, in Stick News today members of the audience at Christmas concert in New Zealand said they were shocked when they heard Santa say the F word.

Last week the Auckland Symphony Orchestra held a free family Christmas concert at the Auckland Town Hall. According to the New Zealand Herald, a woman in the audience said it was an "absolutely lovely occasion" - until Santa swore. She said she was absolutely certain Santa said the f word. "It annoyed me. It soured a very nice occasion. People took exception to it. It was very inappropriate." In his defense, Santa claimed he was saying "thank you" in Norwegian. The organizers would not reveal Santa's identity, but they said he was an 84-year-old father of one of the orchestra members and grandfather of several elves and fairies at the concert.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday 16th of December.
Kia Ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report

at Niseko Yurt Village

Are these pictures from Nepal?
Yes, these … all pictures are from Nepal.

Can you tell me about the eyes?
This eye is the peace of eye, the light of Asia, Lord Gautama Buddha, his eyes he looks all over the world, peace of eyes.

How about the flags?
These colourful flags are, how you say, is like praying flags, is usually used by, ah, Sherpas and Mongolian tribe when they do something before they go somewhere else … to make a prayer.

Can you tell me how to say hello in Nepalese?
We speak same, we say hello as well, but we say, hey k chha, or something like that, with friends.

How do you say delicious?
Delicious is swaadilo or you can say meethoza.

How about thank you?

Word of the Day

Today’s word is indeed.

used to emphasize a positive statement or answer

A lot of the examples here say: especially British English, so maybe they don’t use it much in North America. How about you do you use indeed much?

Here’s an example: Do you like The Daily English Show? Yes, I do. I like it very much indeed.

In today’s conversation, when the police officer asks the man for ID, he answers: You bet. Indeed. Which means: yes, I do.

conversations with sarah
#572 Where's your licence?

Step 1: Repeat Gore’s lines.
Step 2: Read Gore’s lines and talk to Slade.

Gore Licence and registration. What are you test-driving this baby?

Slade Doesn't she purr, though?

Gore At 70 miles an hour?

Slade You should hear her at 125.

Gore Where's your licence?

Slade At the dealer's. They give it back to you when you return the car.

Gore You got ID?

Slade You bet. Indeed.


today's news
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Learn Nepalese video
* hello, thank you

Learn Nepalese video

* delicious


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