Thursday, October 16, 2008

#857 White Eggplant, I'm Sorry, Stephen Harper, Dow Tanks, NZ Election

Show 857 Thursday 16 October
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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today I went up to the ski village because it was really sunny and I wanted to take some photos before it starts snowing. There are these little bugs everywhere in the evenings now so apparently it’s going to start snowing soon.
And I found this white eggplant. Someone was selling some vegetables outside a café so we bought some. I don’t remember ever seeing a white eggplant before.

I also picked up a few t-shirts from Scott Adventure Sports – so I have one to give away to a tdes member (not this one, another one.) There’s a whole list of giveaways this month … so you can go and check out this page if you’re interested in becoming a member and send us an email with your membership number and tell us what you want to be in the draw for.

Today I recommend this video from this YouTube channel.

You can follow the link to that in the description.

This is a video made by a Canadian guy who is teaching English in South Korea. I think it’s an excellent example of using music in the classroom. The kids are obviously having a great time and they’re learning some language which is very useful, as you can see in the video.

The Acadia Report

Interview with Christa Bowes Senior Resident Assistant, Christofor Hall and Eaton House

What’s the difference between Eaton and Christofor?

Um, Christofor is a quieter res. Um, often times, doors, um, are closed. People take a lot of time to study in this residence. Eaton’s definitely a more social atmosphere. Um, most of the parties that happen between the two buildings happen in Eaton House.

How are rooms chosen?

So, rooms are often chosen by a process called room draw. Where fourth years have first choice, then third years, then second years. Often times rooms are held for people who are given scholarships from Acadia for first year students.

What kinds of rooms are there?

We have four different types of rooms in Eaton and Christofor. In Eaton we have a suite where there’s a room, a living room and a washroom. And then we have single deluxes that have a double bed and it’s a bigger room. Or there’s just a single. And there’s also doubles.

Why did you decide to be an RA?

I decided to be an RA because I love staying in res. I really enjoy doing programming for the house, making sure that there’s a good community atmosphere. I think it’s a great way to meet more people in residence.

How long did you stay in Cutten House?

I stayed in there for two years and this is my third year here at Acadia and now I’m living in Eaton House.

Was that very different?

It’s very different. Cutten House is a huge house. There’s a huge variety of people. We had a lot of international students. And we had a lot of, ah, honors students or graduate students. Where Eaton House is mostly first, second years. In Christofor you’ll find a few more third years.


Kia Ora in Stick News today Stephen Harper is still the Prime Minister of Canada.

Stephen Harper was born in Toronto in 1959. He got into politics when he was still at high school. He tried to get into parliament in 1988. But he failed. He eventually became an MP in 1993. And became the Prime Minister in 2006. On Tuesday there was a general election in Canada and Harper’s party got the most votes. Harper belongs to the Conservative Party of Canada which was formed by the 2003 merger of the Progressive Conservative Party and Canadian Alliance (which used to be called the Reform Party). According to Wikipedia, Harper owns a large record collection and is an avid fan of The Beatles and AC/DC.

And that was Stick News for Thursday the 16th of October.
Kia Ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is tank.

Tank is an informal verb which means: fail completely or disastrously.

Today I was reading a story on CNN about the economy, again, and a guy is quoted as saying:
The Dow tanked and the dollar rallied.

Rally means increase after a fall.

So the Dow went down and the dollar went up.

conversations with sarah
#521 I am so gutted

Step 1: Repeat Silas’s lines.
Step 2: Read Silas’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Sarah Oh, man, I am so gutted.

Silas Why?

Sarah Oh. You know how there’s an election coming up in New Zealand.

Silas Yeah. When is it?

Sarah It’s on the eighth of November.

Silas Oh, that’s the same day as the US election.

Sarah No, that one’s on the fourth.

Silas Oh, OK.

Sarah Yeah, anyway. I was just thinking about what I need to do to vote and I went and checked on the website and stuff. And then I realized … I can’t vote.

Silas Why not?

Sarah Because I haven’t been in New Zealand for the last three years.

Silas Really?! When was the last time you went back?

Sarah Almost four years ago. I couldn’t believe it, I was staring at my passport thinking: This can’t be right. But it is. I went and checked my old email account and everything. I can’t believe it. I’m so annoyed … I wasted all that time thinking about who I was going to vote for.

Silas Really?

Sarah Yeah. Cause I decided that I don’t really like the party I voted for last time, so I was reading all this stuff, and trying to decide … and it’s like, uh, what a waste of time.

Silas So what are you going to do?

Sarah Just go back to following the American election. It’s more exciting anyway.


Residence Halls at Acadia University

STICK NEWS pictures


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