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#860 Sweetcorn

Show 860 Sunday 12 October 2008
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Sunday Kitchen #112 Sweetcorn

This is sweetcorn, which is apparently also called sweet corn, indian corn, sugar corn, pole corn, or corn.

Sweetcorn is awesome because it’s so delicious, it’s very easy to prepare and it comes with natural packaging – so it doesn’t have to be wrapped in plastic.

All you have to do to prepare corn is to peel the leaves off and then stick it in some boiling water for a few minutes or a few seconds or you can even eat it raw if you like.

Then all you have to do is decide how you’re going to eat it.

There are many styles you can choose from.
Column style.
Row style.
You can even cut the kernels off. I’ve never done this before because I can’t really see the point. Although it’s probably less messy and it’s kind of cool how the kernels stick together. Looks like a little caterpillar.
Oh yeah, and there’s also picking-style.
It would take way too long to eat the whole thing like this though.

Personally, I usually pick a few pieces off and then go for the random style. Corn juice squirts everywhere and corn ends up all over your face and stuck in between your teeth.
But it’s so worth it.

Mmm I love sweetcorn.


sweetcorn at wikipedia


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