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#831 Kutchan Jazz Festival 2008

Show 831 Saturday 20 September
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Every year in Kutchan there's a festival called the Kutchan Jazz Festival. It started in 1990. This year was the 19th festival and it was held at the start of July at the Hanazono ski area. It was a two day festival and we went along and checked it out on the Saturday. It was a pretty laid back day. Most people were chilling out sitting in their folding chairs. I really enjoyed the music.

There were a few stalls. They were selling food mostly. My favourite was the coffee van. We talked to the guy for a bit and he said they have a coffee shop in Otaru. I asked him what the name of his coffee shop meant.

イタリア語でチアロって書くんですけど、CHI... でキアロって書くんですよね。
In Italian, it’s spelt c-h-i… chiaro.


It means “bright” and it’s a word used to describe espresso.

We mainly sell espresso and this word has a positive image.

I met another guy whose job was going to festivals all over Japan to sell stuff. I asked him how many festivals he goes to in a year.

I cannot count because it’s like 50, 80, sometimes 70, it depends, you know, it depends on the weather …

One of the performers that really stood out for me was this guy. As he said he wasn't exactly playing jazz music. But he was awesome and everyone was really getting into it.

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Kutchan Jazz Festival
Uzaki Ryudo
Cafe Kiaro


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artist: Boom Tschak
album: Indietronic CCBit.
track: More Chocolate, Please
from: Former Yugoslavia

artist: Caminos del Sonido
album: Las flores del Mal
track: La metamorfosis del vampiro
from: Bilbao, Spain
album at Jamendo
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