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#813 Euphemisms: Darn, Gosh, Fudge, Fricken

Show 813 Tuesday 2 September
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re studying a conversation from a movie called The Client. We’ve done a few conversations from this movie before.

Today’s conversation is right at the start of the movie. A woman lives with her two sons and she is just about to leave for work. And one of her sons – the older one - is looking at the cigarettes in her handbag. And he wants to steal some, so he has to get her to move away from her bag for a couple of seconds so he can grab some. So he keeps asking her questions to try and get her to leave her bag and he finally succeeds because she has forgotten her change for the bus so she has to go and get it. And the boy steals two cigarettes and I love the cute look on the younger boy’s face when his older brother steals the cigarettes. He opens his mouth really wide, like …

The first thing the mother says is: Shit, I'm gonna miss my bus.
And later she says: Oh shoot baby, thank you.

Shit and shoot are both exclamations to show that you are annoyed, angry, frustrated, relieved …

Shoot is a euphemism for shit. It’s considered less offensive.

There are many other euphemisms that people use to avoid saying swear words.

For example:

* darn instead of damn
* oh my gosh or oh my goodness instead of oh my god
* fudge instead of fuck
* fricken instead of fucking or fuckin

It’s fricken hot today.

If you want some good examples of euphemisms for swear words, then watch The Simpsons. And listen to the family who live(s) next door to The Simpsons. Their characters are Christians and they don’t like using “bad” words so they use words like gosh or darn or other words to avoid swearing.


Kia Ora, this is Stick News. Today golfer Danny Lee officially became a New Zealander.

Danny Lee was born in South Korea in 1980.
When he was eight his family moved to New Zealand.
He also started playing golf when he was eight years old.
Tiger Woods used to be the youngest ever winner of the US Amateur Championship.
Last month, Danny Lee won the tournament when he was 18 years and one month old and became the youngest ever winner.
Today Danny Lee officially became a New Zealand citizen.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 2nd of September.
Kia Ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is dock.
Dock is a verb which means deduct (money or a point in a score).

In today’s conversation, the mother says: “Gonna be late again. I'm going to get docked for sure.”

So, at her work, they must have a system where if you’re late, they take money out of your pay as a penalty.

conversations with sarah
#499 I'm going to get docked for sure.

Step 1: Repeat Mark’s lines.
Step 2: Read Mark’s lines and talk to Dianne.

Dianne Shit, I'm going to miss my bus. Gonna be late again. I'm going to get docked for sure. There's some macaroni and cheese in the cabinet OK?

Mark Alright. Got your lunch?

Dianne Thank you, baby.

Mark Keys?

Dianne Oh, yep.

Mark Exact change for the bus?

Dianne Oh, shoot, baby, thank you. I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.


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