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Day 3

On the last day of iSummit we went to the final keynote speeches in the morning and we interviewed a few people and asked them what the highlight of the conference was.

I think the biggest highlight is, I would say, the people.
Kiruba Shankar

To meet face to face with a number of people I’ve been corresponding with by email.
Michele Travierso

The research track.
Prodromos Tsiavos

There were some really good … of the plenary talks, the main talks.
Chris Salzberb

It’s been really interesting I’ve been meeting a lot of great people.
Hanako Tokita

For me, the most interesting part, apart from the workshop, was the keynotes.
Vittorio Bertola

Then we went to a t-shirt workshop. That was very cool. We got to design a t-shirt and pick it up a few hours later.

The final session was for feedback. People from each lab or track reported back on what they’d done during iSummit.

And, in particular, we identified a facilitating role, which is, making all of these people, all of these groups doing somewhat similar things, more than the sum of their parts. An aligning role, which is where … groups are not always aligned in what it is that they want and iCommons should work to find common ground between those constituencies.
Local Context, Global Commons: Open Publishing

One of the things we discussed a bit deeper was, ah, the idea of branding corporate educational resources, ah, so we can achieve the same effect or chain reaction which worked perfectly for Creative Commons.
Education Policy and Practice in a New Century

So, I think what the, the end result of what we came up with … there isn’t really a … open business, it’s more that there’s businesses that, that implement open methodologies.
Open Business

We, ah, very quickly came up with means of disseminating our work beyond our academic community – that seemed to be a big desire that everybody had - through wikis, through the creation of an online journal, or the use of some existing journals and there were a few things discussed on how to do that.
Research Workshop on Free Culture

What we did was mainly awareness raising and discussing and trying to learn from what Creative Commons has done and how you guys are organizing things.
Internet Bill of Rights

We tried to define what is actually open video. So, one definition we came up with was: Open Video is an emerging field of video production that uses open tools and transparently shares information regarding the process of pre-production, sourcing the material, crafting the work, post-production, distribution, and finally creates a digital archive to make the raw material and the finished material available for both viewing and remixing.
DIY Video

One of the things we discussed was the fact that, on the one hand, there are the big players who are using tools like creative commons licences and are part of the open movement in a top-down way and there are also the kind of "pure" producers
who are part of the grass roots open movement and these two groups are not working well together yet.
Frontiers of Openness in Japan

After that I looked at the CC China photo exhibition. There were some amazing photos.

Then it was time for the closing event where we got to see the finished artwork and listen to more speeches.

And the final event was a trip to Moerenuma Park. Unfortunately it was a bit windy, but I thought the park was awesome. And they’d organized some dancers to perform for us. I was thoroughly impressed by the dancers … they were brilliant performers.


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